Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010

North Sudan will be A Failed State as Soon as the South Separates

Northerners of Khartoum these days are mostly involved in fabricating wrong ideas to announce to the world that the black South Sudan state will be the next burden on the world if it secedes from the north, saying that many crises shall occur in South Sudan if separation wins the votes. Khartoumers and especially the important figures in the Islamic leadership want to disgrace our choice for separation after they had failed to make unity win the 2011, 9th January votes.

The Arabs of Khartoum have stayed with us for so many years since their arrival to Sudan; we showed them our trust and hospitality. We welcomed them from the deep of our hearts but they refused to understand us. They thought we were coward or stupid to let them settle in our country, the Sudan. They called us slaves; they called us animals or kufaar. They damaged the history of our country and they seriously overlooked us in the human society. But we believe that we are true human beings.

These guys in Khartoum took the first chance to forged the leadership in Sudan and put themselves above everybody. They forged the history and the past unity of the country. They killed us and forced us to remain with them whether we want or not. They thought their cheatings and tricks would continue but CPA has brought everything to an end, yet they want to intimidate our votes for separation telling it to the world that South Sudan will be a failed state. He who is born a fool is never cured. They are more than a fool.

Of course, to tell the truth North Sudan as a new country on the planet earth shall be a complete and a total failed state the world will ever witness. North Sudan will be a country of no vision, composed of wrong leaders which have no good intentions for human lives. The leaders of that country have nothing called patriotic. They are all of self interests. The leaders of North Sudan as a new country don’t really know who they are. They run after being Arabs and Muslims but they have no proper position as leaders in their own leaderships. They are just blown by winds. Their direction is nowhere. And of course they have no any simple explanation of why they want to lead and why do they want to unite the country.

Most of the political parties in the North pretend to be Islamists but of course they carry prophecy of killings and destructions. How do you expect success from a state which believes in destroying human society; an act which is against human rights on the planet we all hail! North Sudan shall be a failed state because up to date Darfur which is part of the North suffers Africans cleansing. So do northerners think that campaigning for genocide in Darfur will make their state successful? A nation which is ruled by centralists and marginalized the rest of the regions is already a failed nation. People of eastern Sudan and in the far North are neglected and the West is under serious daily crises of security of all kinds. Northerners need to care their own country and leave us alone to go. Their parties are visionless but only led by merely sheikhs that can conduct Muslim prayers. They are not national leaders but mosque sheikhs.

North Sudan will be a failed state because the leaders have no any consensus up to now among themselves. That means they are not ready to make a country of their own. Will the next state still be ruled by force as we had undergone so far? The north of these days is in the separation fever. Their worries base on shortage of resources if south Sudan separates. The barren Saharan State has no any substitutes in the place of all the going resources of South Sudan. So we in the south are 100% sure that the north shall face a total deterioration on the continent. Their political situation is controlled by hatred and wars while their economic position shall soon drop to permanent and unsolvable crises. Their relationship with the rest of the world has reduced to zero level. And in fact Khartoum suffers economic sanctions from US administration. Why do northerners fail to read and understand their own situations? A country whose leaders commit international crimes will fail. So I want to tell the readers of Khartoum Monitor that the North, will absolutely be a failed state after the South Sudan secession.

It is Just Time for Evaluation

Many politicians of northern Sudan complain of no freedom to campaign for unity in southern Sudan. They say that they want to come and campaign to make unity attractive. They complain that the citizens are intimidated by the presence of the SPLM led government in the south. I want to tell them that south Sudan is a nation composed of citizens. We shall go to vote for an independent country as citizens not as SPLM members. There are over twenty political parties in the south. Why do northerners confuse the world with their small, narrow and one-sided minds that never tell truth?

They think that to campaign for unity in the south would make our population vote for a united Sudan. However, doubts are there. It seems that the citizens of South Sudan are fed up of making this country one again. Their aim is to set themselves free.

Northern Sudanese have really failed. Shame on them! Their ignorance towards the south has led to the division of the African largest nation. They don’t know how to make Sudan remains one country. Making unity attractive is not to campaign for it. But it is to make equal development. The coming referendum is about choosing one’s future. We can not unite Sudan with an old style. Northerners have been our lecturers for so long. They lectured for disarmament and all that we saw was an army called Mujahedeen. They lectured for peace and human rights and all that we saw was a massive killing in the south. They lectured for freedom but it was slavery. They talked of development but it was the destructions of our poor infrastructures which followed their words. They lectured of equality but we remain as their second citizens in our own black nation. They talked of Sudanese rich cultural diversities but all that we saw was Islamization and Arabization. They call us kufaar (pagans) but we believe in God better than they do because we love and respect all mankind. They act as if God has entrusted them to conduct the promised day of Judgments for southerners. They say that all religions are equal but their religion has marginalized all of us in the country we love. Who among all these politicians of northern Sudan has courage to stand and campaign in front of southerners when they have failed to make unity attractive in all that they do? They promised to implement the Comprehensive peace Agreement but it was the violation that we all saw. The president of the country promised to work hands in hands with Dr. John Garang in Nairobi but all that happened was to kill our dear hero of peace. We thought that they would mourn with us together but they were smiling. The Khartoum Islamic politicians promised the world to make democratic transformation in the country’s government but all that we saw were the harassments and torturing of our freedom fighters Yasir Arman and Pagan Amum in Khartoum in 2009 by the NIF security agents.

This time is for evaluation it is not for campaigning. What do we campaign for? They talk of unity but they are seriously working day and night to divide southerners into parties and tribes. They fear to come and talk to southern citizens because their deeds are so bad and bring us bad memories. Yet they blame it on us. It is up to the north to preach for war or to work for future relationships between the two neighbouring countries. Their words are just signs of losing hope and a cry for our going resources. Anyway, the dog barks and the camel goes. What care we!

Just Don’t Register If You Think Your Vote Will Be Stolen!!

Time has come that the marginalized people of South Sudan shall exercise their right to self-determination without using weapons or other possible arms which they are used to for solving their problems. It has really come that the referendum campaign for the two choices either separation or unity has kicked off on the 7th of November. Ladies and gentlemen, our long war in search for a just peace in Sudan and a complete freedom of the marginalized Sudanese was not an exercise we did in vain. The outcome of our struggle is waiting for us at everyone’s doorpost telling us to register and vote for an excellent choice from the deep of our own inside hearts. It is actually a right of every one of us who is an eligible southerner to register and vote in the Southern Sudan referendum registration/voting centers wherever they are made available. Turning up for registration is very important because all of us want to make a choice that shall either set us free or make us remain in our lowliness which we are known of in the Islamic nation of Sudan.

However, registration for referendum is not like registration for election. In the past April elections every qualified Sudanese was eligible to be registered but now it is only southerners to be registered so don’t attempt to invite your mandukoru friends to come and be registered for the Southern Sudan referendum. If you do so it will be something more than a crime and a violation of the CPA’s last page.

In the first place during the time of registration on November 15, you have to sit down, think and decide and look into it carefully at the same time whether you shall be available in the same place during the time of voting which shall start on January 9, 2011. If you will not be there, then you better not register. Your card for registration will be deactivated in other centers, it shall not work and it has a bad effect on the referendum results. Even in one state/town your registration card becomes invalid as soon as you try to use it in a different voting centre.

The second step that you need to know and observe as an applicant for the registration is whether there will exist an act of fraudulency related to voter registration (e.g. registering ineligible voters). Like in northern Sudan and other parts of the world it is not southerners who are the only black Africans living there. The Government of Khartoum who is so much concerned of its fake unity can convince and mobilize any person to register as a southerner and force him/her to vote for unity. To prevent this fraudulency, you better stop going for registration and the center chairperson shall report that zero southerners turn up for registration. That one dear reader will be your nice plan and it is not a crime and not a violation at the same time. It is an act of security. You are trying to secure you right not to be stolen by the enemies of your freedom. If you are sure that the above doubts shall not occur in your centers then that is not the end. Use your mind again and think from the front, the centre and behind your dear brains to judge out whether you will be intimidated during the time of voting in January 2011. If so I dearly advise you to skip the whole of the referendum exercise completely. It means your vote is stolen. Whether it is for unity or separation somebody is going to use it through the intimidation he/she shall apply over you.

I am warning you on these serious issues because the referendum act says that the voters turn out must not fall below 6o% of the whole of the registered applicants. Though all of us vote for unity or separation and our number which turned out for voting is below the 60% of the registered voters then referendum outcomes will be considered failed. That may required us other means of solving our problem otherwise it shall mark our complete failure, which can not give a single chance to occur. So it is not only a matter of how many people to be registered. But how many will have turned out for voting is another essential issue.

Well, your obvious question will be: “who can do the exercise of your own future?” Your brothers and sisters who are in the south, the complete liberated part in this world will make for you the demanded choice of your heart and freedom. The referendum is a matter of life and death. Nobody can play with this game. Though five people register during this voter registration and they are sure of voting in a free, fair and transparent situation then they are completely enough to make our choice. It is just like, few of our people followed Dr. Garang in the war of freedom and they made it possible for all of us no doubt we can make it for you. Just don’t try to register if you think your vote will be stolen!!!

No Permission for Misseriya to Participate in Abyei Historical Referendum

These days many media stations and newspapers report about Misseriya people trying to find ways outside the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) to participate in the coming Abyei referendum, but doubts are whether the Misseriya shall be given such rights or shall the two partners to the CPA accept to resort to war. Many people fear even to whisper out of what the result of this tension would.

Abyei in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement is defined as the areas of nine Dinka Ngok chiefdoms which were annexed to Kordufan in 1905 during the colonial period. The CPA has not also forgotten the Misseriya nomadic communities but given them rights to search for water and green pastures for their cattle and to freely move across the area and that these rights would be constitutionally protected. The Misseriya communities during the time of the CPA would get a share of 2% in the Abyei oil. Well, another important point is that the people of Abyei shall exercise the right to self-determination to decide whether they should remain as part of Kordufan or to return back to Bahr el Ghazal where they originally belong.

I just don’t know why the Misseriya people try to impose an unacceptable proposal when they are outside the Abyei definition. According to the CPA Misseriya nomads are not part of Abyei area. And why does the National Congress Party NCP support the confused Misseriya who don’t have right to vote for the referendum? It is too late for this proposal to be attached to the many pages of the CPA and be implemented. Why did the NCP fail to bring up this proposal of Misseriya right to vote during the Abyei protocol negotiation? This should be early discussed in Naivasha many years ago. Sudan during this era is governed by the formula drawn from the comprehensive peace agreement. Where do the Misseriya and their NCP refer us with their proposal? The history rejects the proposal as well as the peace agreement. At this time we have no chance for renegotiating the CPA but we want to implement the peace to the end. I know that the NCP has gone with a blank mind, because their things are falling apart and they have no hands to support that situation. Their hands only participate in destructions. They have been all these times trying to find ways of destroying the CPA and have failed but have recently decided to make Misseriya Nomads as their correct means of burying the agreement alive. When we talk of the nine Dinka Ngok chiefdoms it doesn’t include Misseriya. It is also true that the annexation of the nine Dinka Ngok chiefdoms to Kordufan does not include Misseriya because the Misseriya communities were not annexed with Dinka together to Kordufan. The nine Dinka Ngok chiefdoms minus Misseriya were the ones annexed to Kordufan. Misseriya are original citizens of Kordufan. My question is; why are the nomadic Misseriya communities so much concerned of what belongs to the people of Abyei? Are these Misseriya nomadic groups, clans in Dinka Ngok tribe? Will they accept to be Dinkas? We don’t have Arab Dinkas they need to know that, anyway. The Misseriya have no problem in Kordufan so they cannot conduct a referendum. They have nowhere to return. If they want to go back to Nigeria where they came from then they can go voluntarily without conducting a referendum. The referendum questions for the people of Abyei are to evaluate and choose whether they can remain in the north or to come back to the south. What will be the referendum question for Misseriya? Do they want to be citizens in southern Sudan? Why? Are they marginalized? Well if they are marginalized by the Khartoum Government like Dinka Ngok citizens then they have to look for their own separate referendum and forward their reasons and facts to why they want to go out of their Kordufan region. It will not be even automatic to say that their referendum shall need them to join their neighbours, the Dinka Ngok. They can decide by themselves of whether to make their own country or to join Darfur. I fear Khartoum will open a fire against them just like Darfur citizens if the attempt that. The National Congress party just wants to use the Misseriya group to violate the implementation of the peace agreement. The NCP thinks that they can just violate this agreement like the previous agreements which were violated in the past without success. Why does NCP fear referenda? No permission for the Misseriya to participate in the Dinka Ngok referendum. You can’t borrow history nor will it be lent to you. Dinka Ngok will not lend the Misseriya members the rights to vote for referendum and Misseriya can not beg Dinka Ngok members of that right. It is impossible because it is history itself. The Mwatamer Al-wantani is to be told that to get Abyei is not a matter of calculating out a budget for its war. Our wars which we fight against Jalaba don’t depend on the financial calculations and the amount of weapons. We pay our own blood to fight for our black soil. Abyei is for Dinka Ngok and Dinka Ngok are for southern Sudan. We can not let it just go because of threats. Abyei referendum must kick off together simultaneously with the south Sudan referendum on the scheduled date. We are implementing CPA but not satisfying Misseriya needs. If NCP is so much fearing because the referenda results will be against its desire then Abyei Council will conduct their own referendum monitored by the international community. In mathematics you can not refuse to apply the correct and true formula and expect your calculations to give you a correct answer. So the NCP can not refuse to conduct the Abyei and South Sudan referendum and expect a peaceful unity. The only way to confirm the unity of this country is to run the two referenda on the scheduled date. We know that problem here is because of oil in the region. I doubt if the NCP hears that oil is discovered in Nimule then they will claim the borderline to be south of oil wells in Nimule it is true and everybody knows that Khartoum is only greedy of oil but this time we must not give them chance to eat up our oil money. They better their own oil survey in their Great Sahara Desert.

For Misseriya they are just wasting their dear energy when they shall not succeed at all. They better build good relationship with Abyei and south Sudan because their cattle are depending on Abyei and South Sudan water and pastures. Will Misseriya take their cattle to northern for grazing if we refuse them to enter our land as per their bad relationship they are aiming to? They need to know that NCP has no toich for their cattle.

Who Will Protect Our South Sudanese University Students in the North?

As we countdown for the expiration of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA), we people in South Sudan are really very worry of our brothers and sisters who are living in northern Sudan. Our people during the last couples of years of peace in Sudan have experienced some little freedom. And indeed our southern students have been part of this freedom. Now that the CPA is expiring and the people of South Sudan need their independent state. Who will protect our students in universities in northern Sudan, now and during the time of referendum and may be later? I have taken my big concern for the students because they are there for studies. They have not chosen to stay there. Their university calendars have made them to stay in the north inevitably unless they lose their studies? We know that students are the most vulnerable group in the north because they are also part of Southern struggle. They talked on their political rallies mostly about south Sudan problems. And the enemies of peace and freedom have already known them. We need to protect them because they are our future leaders. They are the nation we want to build up in the coming days. Our students are the generation we have been all this time trying to pave a possible way forward. They are our light to a complete and total freedom. We have realized so far in the south that education is significant for our development and it was part of the objectives which we fought the civil wars. And that is why the communities of south Sudan have sent their children for education. The southern university students in Khartoum were the Jiesh Amer (red soldiers) who fought the war of the last two decades. They are very important for us in Southern Sudan and in our history. We love them and we want them to be free and stay among us. My questions should be to the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS). Have you provided our students a possible security to stay in Northern Sudan without any fear? Are they to flee to south Sudan and leave behind their academic activities behind in those various universities in Khartoum? Shall they be allowed to express their rights openly in Khartoum without interference by the National Islamic Front (NIF) security agents? How much is their freedom? I doubt. Living in Khartoum is just like living in the cell. Life in Khartoum has been full of torturing even in the early days of a united Sudan. I have understood that any southerner is an enemy to Khartoum as soon as he decides to support separation. But is it true that one supports unity just because they are being intimidated? The Government in Juba should see to it that security is important in the South as well as in Khartoum because of our people who are living there. It will be very bad if we announce our independent state and feel fear of any evil deeds await to be imposed on our future leaders who are pursuing their education in northern Sudan universities. This can be taken as a government responsibility. We know that freedom has never been in Khartoum since the coming of Arabs to Sudan but it is highly needed now. Northerners this time think that the choice of separation for the people of southern Sudan is a violation of the CPA but the fact remains that they are just so ignorant. They think that a southerner who supports separation and lives in Khartoum can just be tortured. They are brought up not to consider other people’s rights. I just don’t understand why southern Universities like Juba, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile Universities are still in Khartoum? Are there no plots giving for these universities to build their premises on in South Sudan? Maintaining these universities in the north is not in the place. And actually, it is part of marginalization which northern Sudan has been applying on the South. They don’t want to bring those universities here because they don’t like us to benefit from the development that we may get from them. They are educating their children in our universities and so they are using them for their children’s benefit. Is it true that Juba, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal universities are in Khartoum because of lack of scientific laboratories in the south? Why not to buy and bring those laboratories apparatus to the south? Should it be true that lack of buildings is the concrete reason which has made our universities to remain in the north? We have more resources in the south and manpower is available to build any premises of any kind. There can be other reasons behind this fact. Why is it difficult for Khartoum to do something good for the people of southern Sudan yet the expect unity? This is why we say the Arab Islamic Republic of the Sudan is a failed state. This is why we say the successive regimes in Khartoum have always being making Racial Governments not National Governments.

Now our request is to the President of South Sudan H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit to add in his long list of Sudan’s problems the protection of our students in northern Sudan universities. These students are our next commanders in the frontlines if Jalaba tries to play around with our rights of self-determination. They are our next AnyaNya III which will with no doubt fight in Khartoum. Mr. President our SPLA II or AnyaNya III will be to protect our independent state of South Sudan. Yes Mr. President you know very well that Arabs are the only enemies of our freedom in Sudan and this is why you joined war when you where a child of 17. The coming war which is pledged by the NCP will not be fought again by the current political figures in south Sudan. It will be fought by us the youth and the students of this time. In south Sudan every generation has its own war to fight against Jalaba. The war of South Sudan Independence is our war we the generation of CPA. And we are sure to win it. We only want protection before the enemies trigger their pistols, Mr. President. It is very important to tell Arabs not to turn up with their wrong deeds against southerners because they are the voters. If they kill them then there will be no enough voters for both unity and separation. Anyway for northerners they just want to finish up all southern voters of an independent state.

Southern Sudan Referendum; If not we, who? If not now, when?

The coming referendum in our country is the last examination that every southern Sudanese must go through. It is the only gate way to a united Sudan or a separated country. Every one of us up to now is prepared and ready to cast his decision if the referendum of south Sudan is held. But what comes first is; will the referendum exercise take place? Will it be on its timetable, free and fair? All the above doubts have made the political parties in Lakes state of South Sudan make a conference with the below theme. “If not we, who? If not now, when?” Of course the referendum timetable in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is well known to all of us and that does not permit any excuses to make the exercise later than its scheduled date, otherwise it will be a violation of the agreement. And indeed it is we the current citizens of southern Sudan that will make that happen. It is our duty and right as southern Sudanese to take ownership of the referendum with sense of patriotism without expecting too much from the international community or remaining dependent on the decisions of the Northern Government. The political current situations in the country and the recent statements put upon by some important political figures in the Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) have not only violated the agreement but have even gone beyond what southerners expected of them in the north. The statements have proved that the north does not want southern Sudanese as people but the resources in the south. Of course there is no reason to why Mr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, the president’s advisor told northern youth to prepare for war if the south separates. If this is how he advises the president, then that position is actually a vacuum. As a government you can not announce war against your own citizens before they have not even made their decision. These are the good examples why many analysts predict separation more than unity. Northern politicians are not confident of themselves. By the way, the north must know that every thing has a price. The bad deeds they had done and continue to do now against southerners will make the country to split and if the country splits there will be no more sharing of oil wealth, to me it is a good price for the ruling party.

The ruling party, NCP should also know that buying time doesn’t help at all. We just want the referendum to be held on time. If you have not made unity attractive in six years you can not make it attractive in ninety days’ time which is the least fraction of the whole of the CPA’s time. We are at the last page of the agreement and we are indeed going forward. We can not reverse or renegotiate the agreement, no amendment. It is very difficult to cheat us again. We know that northerners under the NCP’s umbrella want to buy time until the next decades in order to preach for unity to the coming generation in southern Sudan to vote for unity. However, the reality is that we don’t have time to wait for them. As men let us altogether face the coming referendum and accept its outcomes. What I like so far is that though the NCP violates the CPA in some parts, it is difficult and impossible for them to delete date 9th January out of the 2011 calendar. This date is ever there and that is what we are waiting for. Otherwise the call for war instead of preaching for peace does not scare us again. We have all gone many war experiences in the south so the doubt is with those of Mustafa Osman in Khartoum because the next war field is somewhere there. So for those of Mustafa, they should announce war and be ready to face it in the north not in the south as they may expect. My next message to the NCP and their mujahedeen religious fighters is to prove it wrong to themselves that the gate to paradise is not in the south. Because in the last civil wars in the country they cheated themselves that if one dies while fighting in South Sudan then he will automatically go to paradise. That one is an obvious lie. And I think Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) had not prophesized that wrong political and racial prophecy in the Quran al-Kariim. So to my fellow northern Arab youths, they are advised not to be cheated again to recruit for southern Sudan war expecting to go to paradise.

The north can not threat us with war. If they are not ready for referendum then the Government of Southern Sudan GoSS shall conduct our referendum. Then our members of parliament in the South Sudan Legislative Assembly SSLA shall announce our new country if the result shows separation. It is just simple and clear that the referendum is now not later and we are the ones to make it.



It is well known that if a house catches fire, one tries to stop the burning fire with water. That sometimes can help your burning house to halt from the proceeding fire. Water does not support burning that is the truth behind. However, though paraffin is just a true liquid like water, it can’t be substituted in the work that water does. If you pour paraffin on a burning house then your home is totally going to get burnt, because the paraffin will even increase the speed of burning. The statement of the so-called information minister acts like paraffin on fire generating the southern Sudanese separation to reality. The minister was criticizing the lives of southerners living in Khartoum if the coming referendum results favor separation. “They will not enjoy citizenship rights, jobs or benefits, they will not be allowed to buy or sell in Khartoum markets and they will not be treated in hospitals,” Obeid said in statements carried by public radio.” We will not even give them a needle in the hospital," he added. That is the minister’s statements as reported by Sudan tribune website.

Well, from the above statements it is clear that the speaker is a member of Sudan’s National Conflicts Party, the (NCP), no doubt. That is why he is just concerned in making conflicting statements in the country. The question remains; is H.E. Kamal Obeid, the Minister of Information a separatist or unionist? His statement encourages southerners to choose separation as an only option. His statement has violated the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) because the Naivasha agreement says that unity is to be attractive especially to the southerners or they may choose separation. I want to tell my countrymen/women that Minister Kamal’s statement is not attractive to those who will go to vote during the referendum may be it is attractive only to his fellow northerners but unfortunately they will have no rights to vote. In the CPA we have all learnt that the unity of our country should be voluntary. It should not come by force or intimidations like what the minister is trying to impose just on people 90 days ahead of referendum. Mr. Minister to me is a separatist that is why he does not bother to convince southerners with good words to make them vote for unity. He is actually tired of the United Sudan just like me and my other southerners. So I would like to appreciate him for helping us in our campaign on Yes for Separation. Otherwise, H. E. Kamal Obeid has shown us his empty political basket. He is not a politician because his statement has reduced him to racial level. He is just a racist. I just wonder how did he manage to get that big political and a constitutional position in a big country like Sudan. I wonder also why the NCP unionists refused to react against their northern separatist! This shows that NCP or northerners have bad intentions for unity of our country.

Southerners should not get scared by Kamal’s statement. This man has not read the book of Comprehensive peace Agreement, the CPA. May be he was just given that position because he is a warrior among the mujahedeen during the war of jihad (Muslims holy war against alkufaar). The minister was trying to cram the book but could not, that book needs only good understanding and reasoning. The graduate of Khalwa must know that he has poor, little and shallow knowledge to allow him to hold a big national position. He could not understand the CPA which was formulated by a Wiseman Dr. John Garang. Anyway I don’t actually know how to go about with these Islamic Khalwas’ graduates of Khartoum who don’t speak to public with good responsibility that represents everyone in the country. The minister was saying that they will not allow southerners to sell in the markets of Khartoum. Why does the minister say that they will not treat or give needles to southerners in Khartoum as if we don’t buy with our own money? By the way to whom does this Khartoum belong? Let you know Mr. Minister that we are leaving Khartoum not because it is not ours or that we have feared Arabs. We in the south believe that we have hosted you on our land in Sudan for quite a long time if we chase you to go back to where you came from then we have violated your rights of movement and choosing to live any where on earth, that is according to the universal declaration of human rights of 1948, I guess, His Excellency, the minister might have not come across that. And if we were to violate then it is the Arabs of the Sudan to be threatened to go not the indigenous southerners. But we believe that we don’t have a problem with the social northern Sudan, our problem is with the political northern Sudan and this is why we want to split the political administration in the country. So any shallow minded minister in Northern Sudan must understand the situation. It is not a matter of taking your microphone to speak out your wrong ideas to any public media for confusion. It should be known by every body that CPA will not finish as soon as the referendum results are out as suggested by that wrong minister in the wrong position suggesting his wrong statements. I don’t know why the minister refused to read his CPA notes but I am sure that the book of CPA was summarized and translated into Arabic just to let Mr. Minister understand what the agreement says because the minister and his colleagues could not know English anyway that is an obvious fact. As for your information, the exercise of referendum will be held on date 9th of January 2011 and shall continue for seven days. Then the results shall be announced in February. If the results show separation of South Sudan then Sudan will be in the transitional interim period until date 8th of July 2011 and on 9th July the following morning, southern Sudanese shall announce their independent state and the transitional interim period is the same though southerners choose the united Sudan. So Mr. Minister the CPA shall expired long after the referendum. That is a number of months now from the announcement of the voting results. Where here does Mr. Obeid get chances of mistreating southerners in Khartoum when we shall be still together until mid of 2011. Mr. Minister you can not confuse us we are southerners of 2011. If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation. To my fellow southerners who are going to vote for unity, it is your right to make your own choice but your black skin and the fact that you are southerners have betrayed you. The minister of Information in the Government of National Unity (GoNU) and a member of the ruling National Conflicts Party (NCP), Mr. Kamal Obeid has criticized all the southerners irrespective of their political parties or tribes. According to his statements he has given no special consideration to southerners who are now campaigning for unity. The minister has not even given some sympathy to his fellow southern members of NCP. He has underlined all of us as southerners to face any bad act that Khartoum will apply on us. Khartoum is using you guys as tools otherwise all of us fall under one umbrella. Why don’t we unite, come together and vote for a free state of no revenge like the one in Khartoum. It will be bad later on when northerners refuse and chase you out of Khartoum in humiliations.



The ruin of the nation begins in the homes of its people. Our grand, grand parents who welcomed Arabs had made a big problem to us. Since the independence of our country, it has been very difficult with the Khartoum successive regimes to define the country as African. With no doubt, Sudan falls in the continent of Africa. The world knows it as well as the location can tell. If Arabs in Khartoum deny this obvious fact then they better go back to where they came from. The Arabs in the Sudan have actually possessed wrong understanding about the Sudanese Africans since time immemorial. They thought that they have deceived us and would continue to deceive us until the next coming of Christ. They have convinced us to stay on our land in the 1st place, and because of our hospitality, we let them stay peacefully. After a short while the poor Arabs who had no land and women to marry climbed up a ladder of cheating since independence, playing wrong games on us as if we are not their uncles. We shall curse them of course! Well, they have tried it out. Sudan nowadays is an Arab country. Whether black Sudanese want it or not Sudan is known in its modern history as Arab and a Muslim country. What shall we do? Why is Sudanese leadership in Khartoum so much engaged in religion and racism? Don’t they know that they are living on the land which does not belong to them? I have never found or heard a government which talks of unity and divides its people to races and religions. Where will the people unite if they are already divided? I have never found a government which takes side with one tribe. Khartoum leadership should learn that the Arabs in the Sudan are just a tribe like any other tribe in the country. How can the whole nation like Sudan which is a composition of many ethnic groups be called only for one tribe? People are joking in Khartoum and they are not serious, otherwise. Is this because Arabs have led the country since independence? Well, let’s say that Sudan remains united. And assume that the next general elections of 2014 show the results that Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit is the President of the Republic of the United Sudan. Remember that Mr. Mayardit is a Christian by faith and his ethnicity is Dinka of South Sudan. Will Sudan be a Christian and Dinka country as per the President’s tribe and religion? Dear reader apply the same to Dr. Lam Akol who is a Shilluk by tribe and a Christian by faith will the Sudan be a Christian and Shilluk country in his reign? And then to Abdel-Wahid Al Nur, who is a Muslim from Fur tribe. Will Sudan be a Muslim and Fur country? Just to mention few. Why do Arabs tribesmen in the Sudan claim the country to be for them alone minus others? What about the rest of the tribes? The Arabs in the Sudan have made the chance of unity very narrow for African Sudanese. The Islamic and Arab government in Khartoum which is governed by the holy Quran claims that for a candidate to qualify to be a President of Sudan then he must be: a man, a Muslim, an Arab, a member of jihad warriors and so on. This is very difficult for African communities. We can be Muslims, because it’s just a matter of changing one’s faith, but how can an African man become an Arab? Who on earth can create us again to be Arabs when our God has created us Africans? These are the impossibilities that Arabs minority in Khartoum tries to impose on us in our own country. So dear readers the problem of our country is not with African communities in the Sudan who are always forced to take arms to claim back their history and rights. The problem is with Arabs of the Sudan. They like our country and they don’t want us the black Africans in the country. How will that happen? They think that they will kill us all and remain with an empty African land of Sudan. No, these guys are playing with God. We shall not finish because we did not come to this world alone. It is God who brought us here.

People in western Darfur region are all Muslims and I have never heard a president coming from that region instead they are being killed. A great population in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile are Muslims yet Khartoum has never dreamt of bringing a black muslim President from those areas leave alone the few Muslims of Southern Sudan who will die without visiting even the national Palace where the President lives.

So because of the above mentioned problems we in the south have found it difficult to go along with Khartoum but it is much better to make our own state, separated from Islamic Shariah law and without racism, segregation and discrimination and it is really possible. Any country in the world is governed by laws which are documented in a book call constitution but it is different in our country. Sudan is governed by a constitution which composes only verses from the Holy Quran and non from the Holy Bible just forget the traditional African religions. It is the national constitution that could protect our rights alongside with our Muslims and Arabs fellow compatriots not agreements or commissions which are always achieved with a lot of struggles or bloodshed. I am confused why these Arabs of Khartoum still claim their failed unity. Well, if they want unity let the north leave us to go first and then they should conduct their own referendum six years later whether to join the south or not to join. To leave the Shariah law or not to leave. To be Africans or not to be. Yes until that time we are sure to make a wonderful country in Africa, not now because we can not be all Muslims and Arabs at the same time, it is difficult. So we better split the country. No for Unity, Yes for Separation.

Up to here dear readers we meet again in the next piece but remember Abyei referendum commission is not yet out, the date for voters’ registration is not agreed and the NCP claims Messierysa to vote in the Abyei referendum. What is your reaction?

We Have Reasons To Support Yes For Separation.

In the south everybody hopes for an independent State. Some social organizations are already formed to alert southern population about referendum. Local organizations like Youth for Separation have only chosen to be demonstrating every month on date 9th until the referendum day. They declare their position, decision and right to vote for two Sudans . These people are very serious in their declaration for choosing secession and we support them. Indeed they have their own objectives of making a new country. They have reasons and great hopes and spirit to push the exercise of self-determination to a successful end of their own choice and that is all we want. They have declared with braveness and courage that “Southern Sudan is for Southerners.” They need no interruption from outsiders. They don’t want Khartoum to disturb them on their way to freedom. They have challenged the Government in Khartoum that it has failed to make unity attractive; so what next? The south must decide to go that is the only option left. If one observes this period carefully you will find that Southern Sudan is already an independent country waiting for its date to officially announce the day of independence. Because almost every southerner believes the fact that, we can make our own country. If we can manage our government in Juba ; why not our country? Ladies and gentlemen.

Why is Khartoum dragging its feet on the referendum commission? Does Khartoum think that southern Sudan shall agree the referendum day to be pushed ahead? They must know that we are aiming for separation nobody can change our minds. Khartoum must be clever enough to study the situation and do the exercise peacefully on time. Why unity? Why not separation? Since on Sudan TV you still write on it a slogan which says ‘ La Allah Ila Allah” a phrase that represents Muslims belief alone minus the rest. Will Khartoum allow Christians to write on the same Sudan TV a phrase like to say “Halleluiah?” and if they allow that then the traditional African believers in Sudan will surely ask something for them to be written on the same screen. The Dinka may come up with their religious phrase about Dengdit and it will be the same for Shilluk with Nyikang’s phrase and Nuer with their Kuoth and Ngundeng and maybe Bari , Taposa, Murlei and many other tribes or traditional groups will surely arise with no doubts. And if our words are all collected and put there on the same screen there will be no enough place to view the TV presenters and guests of honor. I am sure the screen for Sudan TV shall be very small to contain all the religious slogans. This is why we say let us leave religions in churches, mosques and any other worshiping places. We are aiming for secularism because we in the Sudan are multi-religious believers, so whose religion will be considered the highest. Can we really vote for unity when the country is still tough on Islamic Shari’ a Law leave alone the poor development in the south? Nobody will vote for unity which violates his/her rights. We must unite our ideas first, before everything. I don’t know! But in fact there must be some craziness or wrong understanding about us somewhere. We are who we are. Khartoum should let us go peacefully.

The Muslims in the north of course minimize our rich religions. They must know that these religions whether being Ngundeng, Nyikang, Dengdit or Christianity all came to us from God. We did not make them of our own. They are valuable and deserve respect. We also want in the Sudan a president who defines us all as Sudanese. We love Sudanism rather than Arabism. We are not Arabs but Sudanese, this is what brings us together and it is the correct definition for all of us. We want a country that will let us enjoy our citizenships equally with the other compatriots. We are not slaves but free men in our own black African motherland country. On our black soil we don’t like to be provoked. How can my president define the Sudan as an Arab country? When the majority of the Sudanese are not Arabs. Is this just because the Arabs minority of the Sudan has ruled the country over many years? We as southerners have refused frankly to be Arabs. We can not copy wrong origin. We are truly Africans believe it or not. It will give us wrong history if we admit this wrong definition and our children shall get lost or confused later. We better make two countries that are free from any group dominations.

Can we really vote for unity if Khartoum still defines us as pagans and drunkards? We can not unite with the president who during his election campaign refused our votes declaring us to the world that we are drunkards and for him as an Islamic and Arab president he doesn’t need votes from us. Which president in the world can do that? If not Sudan . If Arabs of Sudan want to keep our country together they must put in minds that we are all equal irrespective of our origin, religion, race, tribe or color then Sudan would remain a strong and the largest country in Africa. But with the way Sudan is going now, we shall with no doubt dissolve our idea of a new Sudan from Nimule to Alfa and from Geinina to Tokar. Instead we shall say that our new Sudan is from Nimule in the far south to Jebelein in the far north and from Nasir in the Far East to Raga in the far west.

Beshir Should Apologize For Blood Shed in the South Before Referendum.

As the country is heading to referendum, Southern Sudanese would really want the government in Khartoum to apologize for the past blood shed in the south. As the history of Sudan shall still maintain and hold the South and Northern Sudan together. There will be more need for the two sisterly countries to stay together with some relationships between them. The enmity which is now cultivated in people’s hearts may need to be deleted in order to allow peace to settle once again. However, we are sure and willing to make south Sudan the newest country in the world’s history. Though the south shall still need the north for other things that may benefit her it will also be the same for the north. The mutual interests of the two countries need to be dug out and stored there alive on the border lines. The coming referendum and its results for separation is not the final as many northerners may suggest. Splitting the country is another way of solving Sudan’s chronic problems so people can not take things with wrong and blind beliefs hidden from within.

During the two civil wars which occurred in southern Sudan a lot of blood shed was poured during the process. There was a total mobilization by Khartoum to make sure that the black Africans in the south and anywhere in Sudan were to be completely cleansed out of the world’s face. It was anyway somewhat difficult for Khartoum to achieve that attempt but it was actually a plan nobody can deny it. The jihad (Muslim holy war) under the National Islamic Front (NIF) was tough in this action. NIF ladies and gentlemen is the current National Corruption Party (NCP) of the day in Khartoum. They mobilized us from the south and in Darfur to fight against our own brothers, burning our own villages doing wonderful things and destructions against and on our own motherland, the South Sudan. Raping and abduction were normal actions on hourly bases. You would find that children of one mother could kill themselves during the frontlines of the two warring sides and nobody cared. Indeed it was the same mother who gave birth to her children that could weep for the money deceased and the land deceased two sons. It was the army of money-interest against the army of motherland-interest, the SPLA. It was war of Al mejahdeen against alkufaar (pagans), a war of Muslims against Christians. It was war of Arabs against Africans. Let us not forget the past event; it is part of today and tomorrow altogether. The hands which Beshir of the National Corruption party (NCP) uses to greet our President Salva Kiir Mayardit are full of our blood; the blood of all black Africans who died during the struggle since the time of independence including our prophet and hero of peace Dr. John Garang. Beshir was the best killer of our men during his jihad. He was the best mobilizer for religious war; he is also the best corruptist and separatist of today. His action can tell.

This war will never be forgotten; even splitting the country would not subtract any. So remember it until the referendum ballot box and declare your final decision for the self-determination of south Sudan. Khartoum had planted wrong tree in people’s hearts and is now trying to water it by making the referendum difficult. If this tree of hatred grows any bigger then Sudan shall never experience peace again.

What is wrong with it? CPA must expire with referendum! We are at the last page of this book.

Now, we only want one thing from Khartoum. It is not unity dear readers, because we are tired of unity being imposed on us, we can’t bear it again. What we need from Khartoum is not separation because we are not begging it from them at all. It is our right which we shall exercise without any man’s interruption if not we shall erupt and burst forever. We just and only want apology from Khartoum for the blood shed in the region because until now we have known that there are no Arabs in the Sudan so why was the war called, a war between Arabs and Blacks? Why did Khartoum mobilize Arab world countries to be always hunting us with antonov above in the skies? It is not religious war also because there would be no reasons of why Khartoum is currently killing their fellow Muslim brothers in Darfur? So it was just a war of resources which are of our own. It was a war of the land which we now call motherland. It was a war of hypocrites against righteous ones. It was a war of the centre against the marginalized ones. We want apology before Independence Day from Khartoum.

Would South Sudanese Vote for Unity If Garang Was Alive?

There is always some discussion going around these days in our country about the referendum of south Sudan which analysts predict and believe to result into splitting the African largest country, the Sudan. Other people are so much doubtful of why the scheduled date of referendum is going very fast. They just want to decelerate but it is impossible the date is already set and being monitored. Some people suggest that the date of referendum should just be extended to some times ahead making excuses of lack of referendum technical equipment. That is lie. Khartoum during war times was able to look for war equipment very actively but now is sleeping over referendum commission. Why? What is the problem? Northerners must know that there is no chance of saying that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is neither a Bible nor Quran. That is an old trick. Indeed many people of all kinds whether being politicians, ordinary citizens, women, or men, young or old, from any part of Sudan can not spend a day long without saying a word about the coming referendum. Of course people are worried. They are confused and have contracted referendum panic because they hear about separation of the Sudan. They really could not believe their ears when they are told that south Sudan will with no doubt choose separation as an option. But what to do? It is true whether you hide it or speak it out today; the day of separation waits for all of us ladies and gentlemen, even those who believe in unity, they will one day join us when they hear drum-beats of south Sudan Independence Day. One thing that needs to be put in minds is that the day for referendum is not inevitable nor is it to be pushed ahead, referendum is an exercise that Sudan can not skip or else it will be a crime that Khartoum will not forget if it should be tempted. And if they skip the exercise of southern Sudanese self-determination then the CPA shall have no difference with the Addis Ababa Agreement which was negotiated in three weeks and violated as soon as people moved out of the negotiation hall in Addis Ababa before reaching (Agreements Violation Centre in Khartoum). Southerners under the current leadership are far beyond immunization of such simple tricks, I beg, you just must agree with me in this point.

Now that people of south Sudan shall continue their struggle to avoid any further cheating Sudan must run the referendum on its scheduled time with no plus, nor minus. Date 9th January is final.

The question now is: would Southerners vote for unity if Garang was alive? To me the answer is no because Garang’s unity has no problem with southern Sudanese’s referendum or separation altogether. Garang believed in his ideology of new Sudan put in mind. And for new Sudan’s possibility was northerners to make unity attractive you must also remember. It is also true that New Sudan was not to be forced on Southerners to vote for it and to say it’s a vision. Any wrong southern politician or a northerner who wants to betray us on our right of voting for an independent south Sudan can not connect this with the living vision of New Sudan which Khartoum has refused and distorted for many years since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). What do people want to tell? As if Garang was not there when they negotiated on the right of self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan! In all his speech the Late Dr. Garang did not make mistake to impose New Sudan on the marginalized groups, never at all. People can not speak lies after somebody’s death. Truthfully my culture can not allow it. Garang’s unity can not just be mistaken by unwise politicians or northerners who have only oil interests to unite the country by force. Garang would agree with any result of the referendum voting, whether being separation or unity. It is southern Sudanese’s will. He was sharp to tell southern separatists that his only one vote for unity would make nothing during the votes counting day. It would only be counted one and for all.

On May 2005 in Rumbek Dr. Garang was quoted saying this: “I and those who joined me in the bush and fought for more than twenty years have brought to you CPA in a golden plate. Our mission is accomplished. It is now your turn, especially those who did not have a chance to experience bush life. When time comes to vote at referendum, it is your golden choice to determine your fate. Would you like to be second class citizens in your own country? It is absolutely your choice”.

Analyze this. We need nobody to lie to us these days friends. Here dear reader, what was the above statement meaning to you as a southerner? We need to be brave to tell the wrong politicians and northerners and those who think that our vision is lost because of Garang’s absence among us, that we are still on the track, even Garang knows it in heaven. In my case, I shall vote for what I want whether it is unity or separation. It is nobody’s business. However I believe that separation is better than unity and I love it and that is me. May be you have your own choice. But remind you, we are left with about one hundred days to referendum and you must have a choice now or tomorrow. Nobody will campaign it for you it is your own and absolute decision which you must not blame on anyone later. Be careful or you may be cheated again!!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Unity of Sudan: With Bullets or Ballots?

Dear readers, it is very difficult to live in this country and understand any term used at a certain period of time. The fact that I am a witness of war has made me not quite sure of the difference between the two terms being used in my country, the bullets and the ballots. A politician of my town in South Sudan spoke to us during our prayers for a peaceful referendum and said to the crowd that the unity of Sudan is to be confirmed by southerners in ballot boxes in a peaceful, fair, free and transparent referendum. In the following morning I read in a newspaper that Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) which is the pro- NCP and pro- unity army are unconstitutionally edging towards the North-South border. Most of the southerners who were besides me while reading the paper talked out with fear of another war, if that can not be seen with two eyes. However, my question was why war? One young man told me that the Arabs Government in Khartoum would not like southerners vote peacefully because they know that the south would go. For me, I am confused, whether we need bullets or ballots to confirm the unity of our country. We better rule out what is important before any process. I think we have tried all kind of wars in this nation. To me I think to confirm unity of Sudan by ballots is much better than confirming it by bullets.

The shallow minded Arabs in the dusty Islamic city of Khartoum need to know that we, southerners have shown them in our last two decades of struggle how much we can fight. They need to know that the six years period of CPA was for them to make unity attractive but not for building up army along the north-south border. The failed extreme Islamists must learn that they can not at this time take us back again to slavery. It is just difficult like trying to see your own back without a mirror. To unite this country again is unfortunate and everybody must be convinced with this fact. I want to tell the unionists that they have completely and terribly failed in applying wrong tactics to achieve their bad intentions. Shouting over media microphones for unity can not and will never attract Southerners to vote for a fake unity. It is just the same to say that bringing SAF or the Mejahdeen to border to wait for war is just a fail plan and it has no success and a waste of the national resources.

Our votes are for freedom. We are just walking out of Khartoum for a final freedom. Khartoum with its fake elites can learn that any amount of threats can not make us surrender. Our guests and children of our sisters can not make us suffer under their hands for life. It is enough, more than enough our blood has filled seas and our bones have made hills of heaps. We are going to make our own black country which is truly African. We are tired of being mixed with the artificial Arabs of Khartoum who claim Arabism when the rest of the Arab nations do not truly agree with them because they are not Arabs. I am sure they will be very soon chased out of the Arab league membership because they shall have no oil wealth to bribe the Arab world community to maintain their membership. They need to know that being Muslims doesn’t mean being Arabs. If I am Christian I can not deny my African ethnicity and claim the whites’ (kawaja) one. This is a simple example for that matter. This is how failure starts. How can a man from nowhere claim to rule my nation for ages?

Well, to make this clear, it is to say that we, southerners can not unite this country again. We shall remain in two countries because Arab Muslims in Khartoum want to rule the country with a constitution full of Quran verses when all of us are not Muslims. They annexed our country to Arab world when the majority of us are Africans. They force us to speak their Arabic language when we have our own languages that can let us understand ourselves. They force us to learn Arabic and they refuse to learn ours. We are completely parallels and we can not meet so we can not stay in one country. Whether the unity of this country is to be confirmed by bullets or ballots southern Sudan must go.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good Enough I know My Candidate for 2011 Referendum

In every voting exercise there exists something or somebody that a voter can choose when casting his/her vote. As in the case of the last April elections in Sudan most of the people had candidates that they wanted to vote for and win the elections. That was good because at least every candidate had tried very hard to make his/her campaigns for success. The questions now remain: who are the candidates for 2011 referendum? And if there are any people at all, then who shall I vote for? As a matter of telling the truth, the candidate for the coming referendum that will be exercised by the southern Sudanese citizens is not a person neither is it a political party, it is the mother land. Each and every person in the south being a politician or not will test his/her loyalty and nationalism to vote for the mother land of south Sudan. The black soil is our candidate ladies and gentlemen. The next rivalry candidate will be the Sudan of Arab world, Sudan of shar'ia law, Sudan of human rights violation and Africans cleansing. So it is up to a southerner to vote for his/her grave, slavery, second citizens, inferiority or else vote for a complete human freedom. We southerners at the same time shall be the ones to pronounce out with our own lips the current unity of Sudan which we completely do not want. If not we make two Sudans for our goodness and freedom. Whether Khartoum works for unity projects or not, it doesn't matter we still can make it.

I shall not leave my motherland, the south Sudan which belongs to me and vote for Sudan for all. There is more freedom in what is mine than in the greater Sudan which belongs to all including the mondukuro in Khartoum. We shall not trust any person again in the coming season and we shall not commit any mistake again. As we know that everything has its own beginning we can not forget that there is also an end for it. The problem of northern Sudan must finish in January 2011or we shall be slaves forever. We can not be cheated this time again with fake unity of resources. Khartoum palace must know that on the map of south Sudan are human beings not resources as they think. The palace in Khartoum sees our beautiful land of South Sudan as oil wells and a place where gold and any other important resources can be extracted. We have to prove it wrong that people are even there. And to do so we vote for separation, an independent state. Our people in the south must understand that if we bring all the northerners to the south living it to them with all that rich resources, and we move to their poor Sahara region which does not support life, as a matter of exchanging regions, I am sure Khartoum will announce separation without any delay. Khartoum aims for unity just because of resources. These people are very jealousy and selfish. They like everything for themselves and for sure they must remain in that Sahara region minus South Sudan. We are tired of them.

Good enough we know who is our candidate for 2011 referendum. Our candidate remains the mother land, we shall vote for separation to give her a landslide win. It is enough to remain as neighbours with mondukorus not as citizens in one country. How can we stay with the people who refuse the history? They have taken enough from us. Since their arrival we gave them our daughters and they gave us none until now.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

In The South We Love Separation More than Unity

By Ariik-Dut Atekdit

In the South we are separatists and we don’t want people to preach for us a fake unity. It is shameful for the supporters of unity to speak it to the people of Southern Sudan. We have been together with the so-called Khartoumers, (the mondukuru) and their elites for so long. The United Sudan, since the arrival of the Arabs has done a lot of deteriorations in our country, we shared one nation and we can remember its stories very well. We better make two countries. What has unity done for us, ladies and gentlemen? Of course, nothing more than remembering our martyrs. If the unity of the country was good we would have not lost the lives of 2.5 million people during the last two decades. Indeed a united Sudan has been in a very dark period and nobody on earth can orient it. The united Sudan has let us experienced a lot of deaths caused by the Khartoum administrators, we are tired of them. At the same time it cannot be forgotten. And I hope nobody expects us southerners to cast even a single vote into the unity ballot box, we all swear and we support separation. If Khartoum administrators have chosen to preach only unity then we shall preach only separation and we see who will succeed at the end of the day. We want nobody to play about with the rights of South Sudanese. We are not stupid and we shall not entertain people who are playing bad games in front of us, whether they like it or not.

The developmental projects of Maridi reservoir and Mangala River Port which Khartoum thinks to buy for them some votes of unity in the south are nothing to us. Our freedom is more valuable than those fake and unconfirmed projects. They cannot convince us at all to vote for unity, unless on our own free will and we love separation more than unity in the south. The unity of the country as manipulated in the book of comprehensive peace agreement, CPA was to be a voluntary choice not an imposed option as Khartoum attempts. Khartoum has been all these times trying to do things that discourage unity of the country, therefore making separation an only option for the people of southern Sudan. It’s much better to dissolve the union peacefully and we remain neighbours. That would be the best choice otherwise I am sorry to say that it is more than too late.

There is no reason for the Government of Khartoum to campaign for unity and open projects for it. Khartoum would campaign for the exercise of self-determination which is a constitutional right for the people of south Sudan. It would leave the decision for southerners, whether to choose unity or separation. Good enough Khartoum is the first to take one side so do we. Who will blame who? And who pay the price for his own deeds? Of course Khartoum not the South.

To our southern politicians who have failed many times in Khartoum to bring us peace in the south, they should remain in silence and leave us alone to vote for what we like. Politicians have talked a lot in solving the problems in the country and all in vain. Now it is high time for the ordinary Southern Sudanese to speak out their minds. We are the victims we must know better. One might know better where his/her shoe pinches. Leave us alone to pronounce either of the two choices whether being unity or separation. We really dislike political leaders who are trying to rig our hearts with unity, which benefit them and their mere families. Whether bribed or not we would like wrong politicians to maintain silence in Khartoum and eat their money without disturbing our thoughts and decisions. Let people advice you but never let them decide for you. That is our stance and we must make it succeed in the eyes of the hypocrites. And for those who threat for insecurity if south secedes. They are liars. Why this time? We know since in the beginning that the referendum with its two choices of separation or unity will mark the end of the CPA. So why do people worry for referendum? Those who fear the separation are those who have been drinking the blood of their brothers alive with mondukoru’s money, it is up to you we cannot help. South Sudan is going to separate soon, point blank. No way just endure it, ok?

Monday, 21 June 2010


The president of South Sudan appointed today 32 ministers for his new government.
The new cabinet has eight ministers more than the former government and it includes seven women.
Two ministers from the NCP are still to be appointed.
The new ministries created are Peace and CPA Implementation; Investment; Environment; Humanitarian Affairs and Disasters Management; Human Resources Development (that split from Labour and Public Service); Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (from Education); Culture and Heritage (from Youth and Sports); and one minister without portfolio.
The new list of ministers presents some surprises: Pagan Amum and Anne Itto (SPLM Secretary General and SPLM Deputy Secretary General for the Southern Sector respectively) became ministers and so did the former governor of Western Equatoria who lost the position to an independent candidate.
The key ministries of Internal Affairs, SPLM Affairs (now also with the Veterans portfolio included); Finance and Planning; Labour and Public Service; Agriculture and Forestry; Roads, and Transport; and Gender and Social Welfare remained in the hands of ministers from the previous government.
Some ministries were given to the opposition parties, including two for the NCP.
This is the full list of GoSS Ministers and respective ministries:
Mr. Kosti Manibe Ngai - Minister of Cabinet Affairs
Pagan Amum - Minister of Peace and CPA Implementation
Nhial Deng Nhial- Minister of SPLA and Veteran Affairs
Deng Alor Kuol - Minister of Regional Cooperation
Dr. Cirino Hiteng Ofuho - Minister in the office of the President
John Luk Jok - Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development
Gier Chouang Aluong - Minister of Internal Affairs
Michael Makuei Lueth - Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
David Deng Athorbei - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
General Oyay Deng Ajak - Minister of Investment
Mrs. Awut Deng Acuil - Minister of Labour and Public Service
Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin - Minister of Information
Dr. Luke Tombekana Monoja - Minister of Health
Dr. Samson Lukare Kwaje - Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
Mr. Anthony Lino Makana - Minister of Roads and Transport
Dr. Michael Milli Hussein - Minister of Education
Mr. Stephen Dhieu - Minister of Commerce and Industry
Minister of Environment (NCP to nominate their person)
Mrs. Jema Nunu Kumba - Minister of Housing and Physical Planning
Mr. Madut Biar Yel - Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services
Mr. Garang Diing Akuong - Minister of Energy and Mining
Mrs. Agnes Kwaje Lasuba - Minister of Gender and Social Welfare
Dr. Anne Itto Leonardo - Minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development
Mr. James Kok Ruea - Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disasters Management
Mr. Paul Mayom Akec - Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources
Mr. Joseph Ukel - Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology
Minister of Wildlife and Tourism (NCP to nominate their person)
Mrs. Nyalok Tiong Gatluak - Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries
Ms. Mary Jervas Yak - Minister of Human Resources Development
Mr. Makuac Teny Yok - Minister of Youth, Sports and Recreation
Mr. Gabriel Changson Chang - Minister of Culture and Heritage
Dr. Priscilla Nyanyang - Minister without Portfolio

Saturday, 12 June 2010

George Athor Will Lose the War As He Lost the Elections.

By Ariik-Dut Atekdit

George Athor has shown to the rest of the citizens in the ten Southern States that he had really lost the competition during the last elections in Jonglei State . In the beginning of the so-called Athor complaint of riggings, other people could get convinced that the votes of an independent candidate might have been stolen by a caretaker governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk by using his available power to push himself to be the winner of the April Gubernatorial competition in Jonglei state. But due to the recent situation Mr. Athor has proved it beyond doubt to the entire population of Southern Sudan that he is a loser. Agree it with me, if George Athor was not a loser he would not opt a war against his fellow comrades. If elections were rigged in order to fail him he would better go to the court and the court approves him right. I never find a person solving a problem with another problem. That is impossible. The riggings of the April’s elections as said by Athor is a problem and the war he is waging against the people of Jonglei state is another problem and can not bring the solution at all. Athor will lose his war like he lost the elections.

He has no objectives for his war more than his personal greed for power. Now he is trying to collect a number of his tribesmen to go and fight against Bor Town , assuming that he is going to fight the community of Kuol Manyang, which is not true. In that city of Bor are the poor citizens who among them are his fellow village-mates. Some had voted for him during elections. They loved him and now they are betrayed by their own votes. He is threatening them to evacuate Bor Town because he wants to attack it. The citizens will evacuate leaving behind their properties and lands. They will have no place to resettle on, because they are not prepared to do so. A brilliant politician can not put his citizens in danger like what Athor is doing. He should know that lives of those who have died in his war from both sides are more important than him becoming a governor of Jonglei State . Every competitor in any race knows that he/she can either win or lose. These two opposite words can occur to any of the two racers and none can deny it. If a gazelle wakes in the morning it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Likewise the lion wakes in the morning, it knows it must run the faster gazelle than the slowest one, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you are a gazelle or lion, when the sun comes up you would better be running. What is wrong with George Athor? He can face any of the two phases. Why does he only think that he must be the winner? As if he was contesting with nobody.

George Athor must know that Southern Sudan has moved from being a battled field to a democratic nation. He should not threaten the citizens with war. We only fear democracy these days and we dislike leaders who only know war. Another thing that can prove him wrong is; the fact he asks for the dissolution of the elections results in the Government of Southern Sudan. I just can’t understand? Is Athor rebelling against the state elections results or the GoSS ones? He must better know his mandate. Why should the whole of the elections results be dissolved just because of Athor and his Jonglei state? The rest of the states have conducted their elections and have accepted the results peacefully. What power has he (Athor) to dissolve the accepted results in those states? George Athor is neither wise nor clever because a clever person solves the problem and a wise person avoids it. George has failed to avoid the problem that proves him not wise. He is now again trying to climb the ladder with his wrong leg and therefore he will not be clever a man, by asking for the GoSS elections dissolution. He is just day dreaming.

During his campaign Athor said that he would like to bring a good stability and security to the state citizens blaming Kuol Manyang of the then deteriorating situation in the state. Now who can say that he was speaking the truth? It was just a matter of elections interests to convince votes. If I am wrong. Why is Athor the first person to burst out the escalations in the state he once promise to bring good security to it? To me I believe that he is really an independent. He stood an independently and deserves his failure. I only ask him to mind the lives of others because they are not independents. They stand with people because they believe in togetherness. They know that the current situation in South Sudan doesn’t want minds which struggle for powers but it needs minds that share ideas in order to make South Sudan a strong state and a better place all.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The Question of Whether to Separate or not Will be one For the South Alone to Answer.

By Ariik-Dut Atekdit

Many people these days have begun to be talking most about the forth-coming referendum of Southern Sudan. One can even see that the media is mostly engaged to report about the referendum struggles and some of the challenges that will face the world’s youngest nation (South Sudan) if the results be separation. The supporters of unity do not even like to hear people mentioning about the possible separation of South Sudan. They had forgotten that it is one of the choices during the coming referendum. More importantly, months are going very fast and the make Unity Attractive is just crawling; it never goes few steps ahead. So, the question is what will be the results of the coming referendum of south Sudan? Indeed there are only two inevitable choices, either Sudan becomes two countries or it attains a single nation system like the one of today. Whether the country remains one or divided into two, it is a personal decision for every southern Sudanese. The southerners alone will stand firm to answer the question during the referendum. This problem doesn’t concern any Sudanese living at the other parts of the country.
However, now you find some political parties have only decided to be campaigning for a fail unity. They just announce their position that they are for unity of the Sudan; and that is why the single language, single race and the single culture TV of Sudan propagates only about unity, of their (watan wahed) one nation motto. Moreover, they are not Southern parties or else they have never struggled for the rights of the southern people. In this way the poor citizens of southern Sudan are going to be cheated again just like in the past. Why do the parties which in the past were the south Sudanese killers now try hard to persuade southern Sudanese to vote for unity? Is it just because of our oil wealth? If it is because of that then the answer is NO for unity, YES for separation. Never love our oil money and hate us the owners of the land from which you extract out this wealth, it never happens at all.
In the Naivasha peace agreement, CPA it is mentioned that the Northerners should make unity attractive for the people of southern Sudan, but according to the current situation it is clear that the northerners have failed to make it possible. They have not come down to help us for the development of our poor South Sudan, which they participated in its destruction during the war of Al-mejadeen against (al kufaar) pagans in the south, and now they can not work for its development. That alone shows that Northerners are the great separatists more than southerners. Some people have talked many times that the south is not capable of managing its affairs. They use this topic to let the rest of the world support unity. Those were stories of long time ago and that shall never convince the generation of today to vote for unity. Which unity do we want again, ladies and gentlemen? The unity of Sudan which has denied us our freedom in our own country since independence! We have poured enough blood and we don’t want the coming generation to come across the history again. If you are cheated once shame on him (who cheats) if twice shame on you (who is cheated) and the saying goes. We have known more about unity; let’s try for separation this time. It has taken us so long to fight for our rights, and if we don’t take smart carefulness we shall lose the 21 years’ struggle in one minute of our voting for unity. Some people whether in the north or south, think that the separation of south Sudan is a problem. The separation of the south is not a problem and it is not against anyone as well, instead it is a solution to the problem. So why should we keep the enmity between the south and the north together. We better breakdown the unity and substitute it with the separation. If the North loves us as they claim why are they making the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) difficult? How far have they gone with the demarcation project? Why is it difficult to form the referendum commission? If you try to answer the above questions to yourself you will find that the north is calling for a fake unity and therefore nothing can stop you to vote for separation. We know that there people who want to sell our rights by uniting us with the foe Jallaba but their time is coming to an end.
The coming Sudan will be more than two countries in the coming days. The decision of ruling the country by a religious Law of Islamic Sharia’ will split the largest country in Africa to so many small pieces of nations. The ruling party in Sudan can’t forget that the region of Darfur is asking for secularism of which they shall not want sharia law to be imposed on them or they will ask for separation. It will be impossible for the Government in Khartoum to apply the Islamic sharia law in the nation after the separation of south Sudan because there will be Christians in the Nuba mountains and Southern Blue Nile and even inside Khartoum. If the country uses that law then these groups shall ask for their free nation out of Islamic Sudan. In this case the lovely map of the Sudan will fade out to some other small nations of their own. So the finishing of Sudan shall start on January 2011 when the South celebrates for its independence then the rest of the regions like Nuba Mountains, Darfur, Southern Blue and the other marginalized peoples in eastern Sudan and in the far north of Halfa shall wave for south Sudan and go to prepare for their tomorrow’s independences after congratulating their brothers and sister s in the south with their cheeks dropping tears of loneliness in the greater Sahara Desert of Sudan.
For sure the rest of the world can predict the challenges that shall face south Sudan later. But it doesn’t mean that the south can’t make its own country. Many countries were one time colonized and later got their independences, indeed they faced many difficulties in their times. The same formula will occur to us but it doesn’t matter we can still make a better nation in South Sudan of our own.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mr. MP Remember Your Promises

By Ariik-Dut Atekdit

The elections in Sudan which were almost to create permanent headaches are now over, “amzilallah!” During the campaign period, the election candidates traveled from town to town, from village to village as well as from house to house with mouthful of attractive words that begged for votes. Others had organized public rallies to shout out their objectives and how they are going to implement them if elected to power. Pictures of candidates were displayed at public places and even at gates of people’s homes. Anyway these are common events which had happened in many places in Sudan and witnessed by all of us in the country. All those activities were done in order to attract our votes for them.

Thanks God the National Election Commission (NEC) announced the election winners; we have now known who they are in the assemblies of various levels. We as ordinary citizens in Sudan extend our heartfelt congratulations, BRAVO, to all the election winners across the country. “Your fellow countrymen and women had entrusted to you a big responsibility.” The voters in Sudan had done their parts, by electing you to powers, you cried out and the responded to you positively.

However Mr. MP, remember your promises. You had convinced our votes with a lot of elections interests. The elected people have not to deceive the high expectations of voters. It will make no sense otherwise. It is like you agreed on a contract that mandates you about five years in the parliament but unless you bring development to our local areas. So as you will soon attend your august house, Mr. MP, do what you had promised us to do. It will give us long trust in you. The leadership of this time has come to our hands the ordinary people; we have some power to vote you in or out. As per your campaign you told us that you will bring us clean water, hospitals, schools, good security… adding that you will pave roads up to our door posts. However these promises are not new in the ears of the Sudanese people. People of different leaderships had once pronounced them but managed to implement none. We hope the elected people of today shall carry with them different spirit, which does not cheat.

Use your mind and apply a well-modernized wisdom to succeed. Some MPs had already failed in the campaign by forwarding wrong programs to their citizens. One candidate in a certain constituency in the Sahara desert in Sudan , told the community, “I will build for you khalwas, schools, hospitals, roads and bridges.” The community cried out angrily, “We don’t want bridges for we don’t have rivers!!” Immediately the MP, who seeks to be elected, realized his mistake and swiftly thought out with his cleverness and lied, “I will dig for you rivers and cross them with bridges.” In fact it is something which is not the reality.

Another MP swore to his community and the chief (Omda) that he would make sure clean water would reach the community by his effort if elected. The community elected him to the parliament since the past elections in Sudan . He went and forgot his promise. During the last 24 years in Sudan no elections were conducted and the MP did not want to show up to the community he had lied to. In the recent elections, he sought to be re-elected to power by the same community. So he came to the chief of his village who still remembers the man’s failure. The chief ordered his wife to prepare some food to the ex-MP but without water. The MP was there waiting for water to be brought to eat his delicious food but he was waiting in vain.” “No water.” The chief told him, “We elected you to the previous parliament because you told us that you would bring water. Until now you didn’t bring any so why do you expect some water now?” the mp learnt that move but still went for elections and failed he had lost the race and his popularity.

I am sure; any MP is awaited by the above challenges otherwise. Anyway lying is the fashion of politics in Sudan this year! But I hope the best for the new elected personalities in Sudan .

Friday, 28 May 2010

Love on sale leads to Youth failure in their Future Families

By Ariik Dut Atekdit.

Love is ever there since the beginning of the world.It is well-known of its own meaning and practices from genration to generation. From Place to place. And as well as from enthic group to another. When one talks about love without more details people may fail to understand whether it is a religious love that's always refers to a love of God and your fellow mankinds around you.It may not be known whether it is a family love between the children and their parents and children among themselves or love of a thing which one admires, it can be a love of a place or time and so on. For instance, other people love times of enjoyment in particular places with a certain person or a group of individuals, this can also be termed as love. Another is the romantic love. This is a love btween people of different sex. It always searches for sexual relationship and marriages. However love remains as love wherever one goes.I am not an expert to express more about love but want to make my readers understand my topic.

Now in our generation love is destorted.And the romantic love is fading out.And it is replaced by a wrong one.If good care is not taken it will soon be out. New families can not be well-built when young girls fail several times to abide by or trust their boyfriends.This kind of love is creeping on commercial affairs.Love with money! It does not base on the natural feeling of the two partners any longer. The welcoming of modern culture has affected the normal way love use to be. Young girls this time only put in their minds that boyfriends who meet their financial requests are more likely to be dated because the can make good husbands at homes later. Which alone is a disaster! One may wonder and ask what is the problem? How shall we go in such a mess! where a man maybe in a better relationship with his girlfriend for only short time before she could be stolen by another young man who is well- financed! Love on sale is useless and it shall not benefit both the boy who pays to be loved, and the girl who is paid for. It shall not lead us to success.

Love has its own place in the heart. Everyone knows what is love and how it reacts in our own feelings. It is there and you need not to be paid or to pay for it. Everyone has his/her own husband or wife created for him/her by God. So don't try to make problems or confused the world for greed of love. Other people say that all beautiful girls should be married only by them, just because they have their enough wealth. Which is wrong, give chance to others such that they too enjoy life of beauty on earth. I am sure many families have collapsed because of choosing wrongly. How do you think that somebody who does not love you shall come to do things the way you want. What do you think shall happen if your financial position becomes weak when she is at home with you? She will start to blame your failure for not meeting her financial request.While a wife of real love sees this as normal. And that will be a day of your shame both of you who cheated yourselves, with your empty love.

Love is not technology to pay for its course and think that it will benefit you. Another problem is lack of trust. Other partners cheat themselves that they will marry and later fail. Girls are just fighting with time. If a boy promise her for marriage and that a boy delays because he is doing his studies or making other businesses that will benefit their future family, then shortly the girl will complain that the boy is not serious and decide to get married to a wrong man who is not her husband but just ready to get married this time. The matter here is not time but it should be who you want to marry and why? when you define this questions whether a boy or girl one can say that success shall follow such love.

Some young girls are married to their husbands because of their families financial background. By doing so they are missing their beloved and right husbands behind and the same is for boys.

Monday, 24 May 2010

I thought I was close to being a perfect boyfriend. I was charming, funny, very generous, expressed feelings of love to her... Then recently because of my absence she decided to leave me - I was too nice.
Where did I meet her?
One evening I visited my cousin in his house. That was during my early days in Wau town. While with him together came a girl, who in few seconds caught my interest. She greeted us with her soft and peaceful hands. Her voice sounds sweet. Her eyes where so bright and straight although she couldn’t look direct into people’s eyes. As a visitor I remained quiet, calm and mandated only to our conversation. And that did not mean I was actually following the conversation any longer like in the beginning. I was attracted to her appearance and structure and my eyes would love only to look at her. The way she expressed herself when talking with my cousin indicated that the girl was responsible and respectful I could suggest.

Being a late teenager by then I was in some confusion and my inside heart was silently demanding her to remain with us as long as I would stay together with my cousin for that evening. However that was quite opposite because in short time she kindly asked for permission to go and she immediately left. I cursed my cousin for allowing her to go. That was my first day with her. And to tell you the fact we did not introduce ourselves to each other. And my heart was seriously beaten by such a failure. I termed it so. I asked myself, “why did I fail to ask even her name, (esim alkarim)”After my departure back to our home I forgot about her and my memory could not bring it again. After two days with the same son of my uncle we met her coming out of cathedral church. Again it plashed into my head and thought of her. She had been there that afternoon for the singing practice. And good enough my cousin had intended that day to make an introduction between her and me. I was already attracted by the play in the markaz al shabab and my cousin who had seen her told me to remain standing for he wanted us to greet somebody, (fi zol derin na selamo), he said.
The two of them entered into a simple chat and surely I got absorbed to it. I did not intend to listen to my cousin but only to her though I could sometimes pretend to be looking far away. In the first place I feared my cousin could be a boyfriend to, but as their chatting continued, I observed that it was a simple and a mere plain friendship and normal, not romantic I mean to say. A number of young girls and boys of our age were all moving out of the big church of St. Mary cathedral in Wau. They could greet us nicely for the fact that my cousin has been a well-known person among them. And to tell you the truth I had no eyes to see them more than admiring her. Her eyes too were so welcoming and I really loved that. That evening, days did not go long before reporting my request to my cousin that I wanted to court the girl and I confirmed from him if any relation is in romantic friendship with her.
He highly supported the idea. Then I remained strong and happy and only waited to meet and tell her my feeling about her. It was another difficult step ahead of me. You even can see my dear reader that I was in such a preparation for a new girlfriend. In those days before 2005 Southern Sudan was divided into two different societies. The SPLM/A liberated areas and the government controlled towns. In towns people used Arabic as a medium of education and girls also like to use it for discussing love affairs. Guess which language I should use to express my opinion since I only could speak English and a local language.

The lady was at the time a member of the association to which I belonged. So in the following day she came for the meeting of the association which I could also attend. She greeted me with some smile and it gave me joy and happiness into my soul. However I controlled my feeling. After the meeting was dismissed, I decided to speak my mind to her this time. By now were in the youth playing centre, (markaz shabab) as they called it in Arabic. The ground was a good place which was so colourful, for you can see young girls and boys together. Not only limited to that but a lot of sports were played on the ground.
I got my chance and brevity to convey my message of love to her. After a short silence I told her, Akuindiik, her name that I want to discuss with you very important issue you and only want you to give time and should move to a little silent place were noises will not interrupt our discussion and she admitted and we were now moved just quite far from the noise. I know now you my reader would like to know how started to tell her my heart kept message.

Like any of you would start I told her that, I am attracted to her since the first day I saw her for this reason I wanted her to have knowledge and join me along in this life. She looked at me with tenderness and sent me a very nice smile I thought that would only give me a yes answer. I remained serious and calm on my topic and would love only to hear from her a positive answer inshallah. She told me, “I don’t want to love and for this reason I can answer no to your proposal.”
As usually girls in that region in most cases for the first time they don’t admit friendship as simple as that and so I was not very discouraged. It was not the end of my struggle and yet on other topics of the discussions she could just join me normally. I told her, to keep in her mind that I was not convinced by her short and unproved answer. She told me, “That is what I have to say to you for today.”

Believe me that night was very long and I did not sleep. A number of questions hovered inside my head. What am I going to do in this town now? What shall I do to make sure that this girl answers me with a yes response? Doesn’t she love me? On my bed I was there only waiting for the daybreak. The

I have experienced loving a girl for about five years in a close relationship and still sincerely lost her without my acceptance.
It happened that I was to come to Wau for my secondary school studies. During my first days of arrival my sight was all attracted by her and specially I grew crazy and had nothing else than to say that I love her. I declared in my heart that I could express my opinion to her. And before doing it so I had to inform my cousin who was my age mate about my decision and thank God the young man welcomed my idea and promised to help me in the process.