Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010

Would South Sudanese Vote for Unity If Garang Was Alive?

There is always some discussion going around these days in our country about the referendum of south Sudan which analysts predict and believe to result into splitting the African largest country, the Sudan. Other people are so much doubtful of why the scheduled date of referendum is going very fast. They just want to decelerate but it is impossible the date is already set and being monitored. Some people suggest that the date of referendum should just be extended to some times ahead making excuses of lack of referendum technical equipment. That is lie. Khartoum during war times was able to look for war equipment very actively but now is sleeping over referendum commission. Why? What is the problem? Northerners must know that there is no chance of saying that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is neither a Bible nor Quran. That is an old trick. Indeed many people of all kinds whether being politicians, ordinary citizens, women, or men, young or old, from any part of Sudan can not spend a day long without saying a word about the coming referendum. Of course people are worried. They are confused and have contracted referendum panic because they hear about separation of the Sudan. They really could not believe their ears when they are told that south Sudan will with no doubt choose separation as an option. But what to do? It is true whether you hide it or speak it out today; the day of separation waits for all of us ladies and gentlemen, even those who believe in unity, they will one day join us when they hear drum-beats of south Sudan Independence Day. One thing that needs to be put in minds is that the day for referendum is not inevitable nor is it to be pushed ahead, referendum is an exercise that Sudan can not skip or else it will be a crime that Khartoum will not forget if it should be tempted. And if they skip the exercise of southern Sudanese self-determination then the CPA shall have no difference with the Addis Ababa Agreement which was negotiated in three weeks and violated as soon as people moved out of the negotiation hall in Addis Ababa before reaching (Agreements Violation Centre in Khartoum). Southerners under the current leadership are far beyond immunization of such simple tricks, I beg, you just must agree with me in this point.

Now that people of south Sudan shall continue their struggle to avoid any further cheating Sudan must run the referendum on its scheduled time with no plus, nor minus. Date 9th January is final.

The question now is: would Southerners vote for unity if Garang was alive? To me the answer is no because Garang’s unity has no problem with southern Sudanese’s referendum or separation altogether. Garang believed in his ideology of new Sudan put in mind. And for new Sudan’s possibility was northerners to make unity attractive you must also remember. It is also true that New Sudan was not to be forced on Southerners to vote for it and to say it’s a vision. Any wrong southern politician or a northerner who wants to betray us on our right of voting for an independent south Sudan can not connect this with the living vision of New Sudan which Khartoum has refused and distorted for many years since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). What do people want to tell? As if Garang was not there when they negotiated on the right of self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan! In all his speech the Late Dr. Garang did not make mistake to impose New Sudan on the marginalized groups, never at all. People can not speak lies after somebody’s death. Truthfully my culture can not allow it. Garang’s unity can not just be mistaken by unwise politicians or northerners who have only oil interests to unite the country by force. Garang would agree with any result of the referendum voting, whether being separation or unity. It is southern Sudanese’s will. He was sharp to tell southern separatists that his only one vote for unity would make nothing during the votes counting day. It would only be counted one and for all.

On May 2005 in Rumbek Dr. Garang was quoted saying this: “I and those who joined me in the bush and fought for more than twenty years have brought to you CPA in a golden plate. Our mission is accomplished. It is now your turn, especially those who did not have a chance to experience bush life. When time comes to vote at referendum, it is your golden choice to determine your fate. Would you like to be second class citizens in your own country? It is absolutely your choice”.

Analyze this. We need nobody to lie to us these days friends. Here dear reader, what was the above statement meaning to you as a southerner? We need to be brave to tell the wrong politicians and northerners and those who think that our vision is lost because of Garang’s absence among us, that we are still on the track, even Garang knows it in heaven. In my case, I shall vote for what I want whether it is unity or separation. It is nobody’s business. However I believe that separation is better than unity and I love it and that is me. May be you have your own choice. But remind you, we are left with about one hundred days to referendum and you must have a choice now or tomorrow. Nobody will campaign it for you it is your own and absolute decision which you must not blame on anyone later. Be careful or you may be cheated again!!!

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