Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Saturday, 31 July 2010

In The South We Love Separation More than Unity

By Ariik-Dut Atekdit

In the South we are separatists and we don’t want people to preach for us a fake unity. It is shameful for the supporters of unity to speak it to the people of Southern Sudan. We have been together with the so-called Khartoumers, (the mondukuru) and their elites for so long. The United Sudan, since the arrival of the Arabs has done a lot of deteriorations in our country, we shared one nation and we can remember its stories very well. We better make two countries. What has unity done for us, ladies and gentlemen? Of course, nothing more than remembering our martyrs. If the unity of the country was good we would have not lost the lives of 2.5 million people during the last two decades. Indeed a united Sudan has been in a very dark period and nobody on earth can orient it. The united Sudan has let us experienced a lot of deaths caused by the Khartoum administrators, we are tired of them. At the same time it cannot be forgotten. And I hope nobody expects us southerners to cast even a single vote into the unity ballot box, we all swear and we support separation. If Khartoum administrators have chosen to preach only unity then we shall preach only separation and we see who will succeed at the end of the day. We want nobody to play about with the rights of South Sudanese. We are not stupid and we shall not entertain people who are playing bad games in front of us, whether they like it or not.

The developmental projects of Maridi reservoir and Mangala River Port which Khartoum thinks to buy for them some votes of unity in the south are nothing to us. Our freedom is more valuable than those fake and unconfirmed projects. They cannot convince us at all to vote for unity, unless on our own free will and we love separation more than unity in the south. The unity of the country as manipulated in the book of comprehensive peace agreement, CPA was to be a voluntary choice not an imposed option as Khartoum attempts. Khartoum has been all these times trying to do things that discourage unity of the country, therefore making separation an only option for the people of southern Sudan. It’s much better to dissolve the union peacefully and we remain neighbours. That would be the best choice otherwise I am sorry to say that it is more than too late.

There is no reason for the Government of Khartoum to campaign for unity and open projects for it. Khartoum would campaign for the exercise of self-determination which is a constitutional right for the people of south Sudan. It would leave the decision for southerners, whether to choose unity or separation. Good enough Khartoum is the first to take one side so do we. Who will blame who? And who pay the price for his own deeds? Of course Khartoum not the South.

To our southern politicians who have failed many times in Khartoum to bring us peace in the south, they should remain in silence and leave us alone to vote for what we like. Politicians have talked a lot in solving the problems in the country and all in vain. Now it is high time for the ordinary Southern Sudanese to speak out their minds. We are the victims we must know better. One might know better where his/her shoe pinches. Leave us alone to pronounce either of the two choices whether being unity or separation. We really dislike political leaders who are trying to rig our hearts with unity, which benefit them and their mere families. Whether bribed or not we would like wrong politicians to maintain silence in Khartoum and eat their money without disturbing our thoughts and decisions. Let people advice you but never let them decide for you. That is our stance and we must make it succeed in the eyes of the hypocrites. And for those who threat for insecurity if south secedes. They are liars. Why this time? We know since in the beginning that the referendum with its two choices of separation or unity will mark the end of the CPA. So why do people worry for referendum? Those who fear the separation are those who have been drinking the blood of their brothers alive with mondukoru’s money, it is up to you we cannot help. South Sudan is going to separate soon, point blank. No way just endure it, ok?