Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Short memory of 2014 for S. Sudan civil servant

"If I try to think back a little while for 2014 all that I can easily
remember was about war that started late in 2013 and continued to
damage my work place, Malakal Vocational Training Centre (MVTC).
 Eventually, I was displaced to various places and finally to Juba.
But as a civil servant working for the nation was a priority and so I
had worked in 2014 to see my duties and responsibilities provided in
my new environment and workplace.
As Malakal VTC became a war-torn workplace, I was transferred to Juba
Multi-service Training Centre (MTC) and so working with a new team
appeared as a challenge but the pleasure was that we were able to
exchange skills and experiences together to see success in front of us
as we delivered for 2014.
I am delighted that the implementation of the English curriculum for
Vocational Training Centre came to reality in MTC and I being the
first South Sudanese Instructor to work for its success. My pleasure
and the pride of the section for 2014 is that so far over thirty
students attended and graduated with us in English Elementary and
Intermediate marking the first batch of the kind.
As serving the citizens of South Sudan remains a priority, I will be
more than ready to deliver for 2015 as we pray and hope for peace to
Ariik Atekdit - English Instructor.

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