Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Saturday, 12 June 2010

George Athor Will Lose the War As He Lost the Elections.

By Ariik-Dut Atekdit

George Athor has shown to the rest of the citizens in the ten Southern States that he had really lost the competition during the last elections in Jonglei State . In the beginning of the so-called Athor complaint of riggings, other people could get convinced that the votes of an independent candidate might have been stolen by a caretaker governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk by using his available power to push himself to be the winner of the April Gubernatorial competition in Jonglei state. But due to the recent situation Mr. Athor has proved it beyond doubt to the entire population of Southern Sudan that he is a loser. Agree it with me, if George Athor was not a loser he would not opt a war against his fellow comrades. If elections were rigged in order to fail him he would better go to the court and the court approves him right. I never find a person solving a problem with another problem. That is impossible. The riggings of the April’s elections as said by Athor is a problem and the war he is waging against the people of Jonglei state is another problem and can not bring the solution at all. Athor will lose his war like he lost the elections.

He has no objectives for his war more than his personal greed for power. Now he is trying to collect a number of his tribesmen to go and fight against Bor Town , assuming that he is going to fight the community of Kuol Manyang, which is not true. In that city of Bor are the poor citizens who among them are his fellow village-mates. Some had voted for him during elections. They loved him and now they are betrayed by their own votes. He is threatening them to evacuate Bor Town because he wants to attack it. The citizens will evacuate leaving behind their properties and lands. They will have no place to resettle on, because they are not prepared to do so. A brilliant politician can not put his citizens in danger like what Athor is doing. He should know that lives of those who have died in his war from both sides are more important than him becoming a governor of Jonglei State . Every competitor in any race knows that he/she can either win or lose. These two opposite words can occur to any of the two racers and none can deny it. If a gazelle wakes in the morning it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Likewise the lion wakes in the morning, it knows it must run the faster gazelle than the slowest one, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you are a gazelle or lion, when the sun comes up you would better be running. What is wrong with George Athor? He can face any of the two phases. Why does he only think that he must be the winner? As if he was contesting with nobody.

George Athor must know that Southern Sudan has moved from being a battled field to a democratic nation. He should not threaten the citizens with war. We only fear democracy these days and we dislike leaders who only know war. Another thing that can prove him wrong is; the fact he asks for the dissolution of the elections results in the Government of Southern Sudan. I just can’t understand? Is Athor rebelling against the state elections results or the GoSS ones? He must better know his mandate. Why should the whole of the elections results be dissolved just because of Athor and his Jonglei state? The rest of the states have conducted their elections and have accepted the results peacefully. What power has he (Athor) to dissolve the accepted results in those states? George Athor is neither wise nor clever because a clever person solves the problem and a wise person avoids it. George has failed to avoid the problem that proves him not wise. He is now again trying to climb the ladder with his wrong leg and therefore he will not be clever a man, by asking for the GoSS elections dissolution. He is just day dreaming.

During his campaign Athor said that he would like to bring a good stability and security to the state citizens blaming Kuol Manyang of the then deteriorating situation in the state. Now who can say that he was speaking the truth? It was just a matter of elections interests to convince votes. If I am wrong. Why is Athor the first person to burst out the escalations in the state he once promise to bring good security to it? To me I believe that he is really an independent. He stood an independently and deserves his failure. I only ask him to mind the lives of others because they are not independents. They stand with people because they believe in togetherness. They know that the current situation in South Sudan doesn’t want minds which struggle for powers but it needs minds that share ideas in order to make South Sudan a strong state and a better place all.