Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010

Just Don’t Register If You Think Your Vote Will Be Stolen!!

Time has come that the marginalized people of South Sudan shall exercise their right to self-determination without using weapons or other possible arms which they are used to for solving their problems. It has really come that the referendum campaign for the two choices either separation or unity has kicked off on the 7th of November. Ladies and gentlemen, our long war in search for a just peace in Sudan and a complete freedom of the marginalized Sudanese was not an exercise we did in vain. The outcome of our struggle is waiting for us at everyone’s doorpost telling us to register and vote for an excellent choice from the deep of our own inside hearts. It is actually a right of every one of us who is an eligible southerner to register and vote in the Southern Sudan referendum registration/voting centers wherever they are made available. Turning up for registration is very important because all of us want to make a choice that shall either set us free or make us remain in our lowliness which we are known of in the Islamic nation of Sudan.

However, registration for referendum is not like registration for election. In the past April elections every qualified Sudanese was eligible to be registered but now it is only southerners to be registered so don’t attempt to invite your mandukoru friends to come and be registered for the Southern Sudan referendum. If you do so it will be something more than a crime and a violation of the CPA’s last page.

In the first place during the time of registration on November 15, you have to sit down, think and decide and look into it carefully at the same time whether you shall be available in the same place during the time of voting which shall start on January 9, 2011. If you will not be there, then you better not register. Your card for registration will be deactivated in other centers, it shall not work and it has a bad effect on the referendum results. Even in one state/town your registration card becomes invalid as soon as you try to use it in a different voting centre.

The second step that you need to know and observe as an applicant for the registration is whether there will exist an act of fraudulency related to voter registration (e.g. registering ineligible voters). Like in northern Sudan and other parts of the world it is not southerners who are the only black Africans living there. The Government of Khartoum who is so much concerned of its fake unity can convince and mobilize any person to register as a southerner and force him/her to vote for unity. To prevent this fraudulency, you better stop going for registration and the center chairperson shall report that zero southerners turn up for registration. That one dear reader will be your nice plan and it is not a crime and not a violation at the same time. It is an act of security. You are trying to secure you right not to be stolen by the enemies of your freedom. If you are sure that the above doubts shall not occur in your centers then that is not the end. Use your mind again and think from the front, the centre and behind your dear brains to judge out whether you will be intimidated during the time of voting in January 2011. If so I dearly advise you to skip the whole of the referendum exercise completely. It means your vote is stolen. Whether it is for unity or separation somebody is going to use it through the intimidation he/she shall apply over you.

I am warning you on these serious issues because the referendum act says that the voters turn out must not fall below 6o% of the whole of the registered applicants. Though all of us vote for unity or separation and our number which turned out for voting is below the 60% of the registered voters then referendum outcomes will be considered failed. That may required us other means of solving our problem otherwise it shall mark our complete failure, which can not give a single chance to occur. So it is not only a matter of how many people to be registered. But how many will have turned out for voting is another essential issue.

Well, your obvious question will be: “who can do the exercise of your own future?” Your brothers and sisters who are in the south, the complete liberated part in this world will make for you the demanded choice of your heart and freedom. The referendum is a matter of life and death. Nobody can play with this game. Though five people register during this voter registration and they are sure of voting in a free, fair and transparent situation then they are completely enough to make our choice. It is just like, few of our people followed Dr. Garang in the war of freedom and they made it possible for all of us no doubt we can make it for you. Just don’t try to register if you think your vote will be stolen!!!

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