Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010

North Sudan will be A Failed State as Soon as the South Separates

Northerners of Khartoum these days are mostly involved in fabricating wrong ideas to announce to the world that the black South Sudan state will be the next burden on the world if it secedes from the north, saying that many crises shall occur in South Sudan if separation wins the votes. Khartoumers and especially the important figures in the Islamic leadership want to disgrace our choice for separation after they had failed to make unity win the 2011, 9th January votes.

The Arabs of Khartoum have stayed with us for so many years since their arrival to Sudan; we showed them our trust and hospitality. We welcomed them from the deep of our hearts but they refused to understand us. They thought we were coward or stupid to let them settle in our country, the Sudan. They called us slaves; they called us animals or kufaar. They damaged the history of our country and they seriously overlooked us in the human society. But we believe that we are true human beings.

These guys in Khartoum took the first chance to forged the leadership in Sudan and put themselves above everybody. They forged the history and the past unity of the country. They killed us and forced us to remain with them whether we want or not. They thought their cheatings and tricks would continue but CPA has brought everything to an end, yet they want to intimidate our votes for separation telling it to the world that South Sudan will be a failed state. He who is born a fool is never cured. They are more than a fool.

Of course, to tell the truth North Sudan as a new country on the planet earth shall be a complete and a total failed state the world will ever witness. North Sudan will be a country of no vision, composed of wrong leaders which have no good intentions for human lives. The leaders of that country have nothing called patriotic. They are all of self interests. The leaders of North Sudan as a new country don’t really know who they are. They run after being Arabs and Muslims but they have no proper position as leaders in their own leaderships. They are just blown by winds. Their direction is nowhere. And of course they have no any simple explanation of why they want to lead and why do they want to unite the country.

Most of the political parties in the North pretend to be Islamists but of course they carry prophecy of killings and destructions. How do you expect success from a state which believes in destroying human society; an act which is against human rights on the planet we all hail! North Sudan shall be a failed state because up to date Darfur which is part of the North suffers Africans cleansing. So do northerners think that campaigning for genocide in Darfur will make their state successful? A nation which is ruled by centralists and marginalized the rest of the regions is already a failed nation. People of eastern Sudan and in the far North are neglected and the West is under serious daily crises of security of all kinds. Northerners need to care their own country and leave us alone to go. Their parties are visionless but only led by merely sheikhs that can conduct Muslim prayers. They are not national leaders but mosque sheikhs.

North Sudan will be a failed state because the leaders have no any consensus up to now among themselves. That means they are not ready to make a country of their own. Will the next state still be ruled by force as we had undergone so far? The north of these days is in the separation fever. Their worries base on shortage of resources if south Sudan separates. The barren Saharan State has no any substitutes in the place of all the going resources of South Sudan. So we in the south are 100% sure that the north shall face a total deterioration on the continent. Their political situation is controlled by hatred and wars while their economic position shall soon drop to permanent and unsolvable crises. Their relationship with the rest of the world has reduced to zero level. And in fact Khartoum suffers economic sanctions from US administration. Why do northerners fail to read and understand their own situations? A country whose leaders commit international crimes will fail. So I want to tell the readers of Khartoum Monitor that the North, will absolutely be a failed state after the South Sudan secession.

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