Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The More Girls Bleach, the More Boys Drink Alcohol

Most of the times some of my colleagues in the art of writing have posted articles that cursed the new attitude seen with our girls who bleach in deep search for beauty. Of course this activity has brought down our proud culture and our given African color of black.

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a girl maintaining her original skin. Every girl is under big temptation of trying to become white. As girl reaches the age of around thirteen and above, the African original color of her dear skin shall turn lighter and lighter. And the black skin disappears and finally fades out. Her face will be the browner area in her body yet her legs shall remain spotted up with brown color. And the original black color remains scattered around the legs and at hands and fingers. In fact you will find that an African girl is betrayed by her original black color because everybody will know that the girl has bleached as the spots on her body remain evidence.

When I go out-door the first thing I could glance is a girl who applies cream. That alone hurts my feeling. A girl with wrong face is always and easily seen in our streets as well as in our many bus stations and tea places. In working places and education institutions you will find true black African ladies wearing faces with fake brown skins. Faces which are not real. Faces with cream scratches are never avoided at all. The badness of it is that some girls don’t really know how they can nicely apply this dreadful chemical material on their skins just to get the best of their demands in proper application. Because of poor and abrupt approach, they don’t really know the best choice for their skins. So that is why it is common to find girls with cream wounded faces. Other girls keep applying from house to house using different cosmetic cream-types at ago damaging their skin completely. Of course they remain with scarring and sore necks.
However, I have seen that, boys also do carry beer wounded faces. Boys also do go with alcohol wounded legs. They do go out with mouths and lips having alcohol sores. They drink comfortably and as the move out of bars they easily fall down hurting their skins. I have discovered that the more girls apply cream in their faces, the more boys drink alcohol. They are on a serious competition. I don’t know who will win the game.
Up to this extent we would only want to know why girls bleach and why do boys drink? Girls bleach because they want to look beautiful. They think that if their colour of skin is changed to white then they will have possessed more beauty than ever. They have assumption in their minds of becoming whites (kawajat). They think that men shall love them more if they look white. Other girls use it because they think that it is a fashion for everybody and therefore they are forced to do what their friends and age mates do.
On the other hand, boys drink because they want to forget their problems. They want to feel high and proud. They think that they are making good use of their money when spending it on drinks. They have assumption in their minds of becoming wiser. They want to be brave and strong. They have assumption in their minds that forgetting problems is the easier way of solving them. And because of this, most of the addicted drunkards are lazy. They don’t work. They don’t want to solve their problems but just want to forget them and continue drinking and drinking. Yet their problems remain unforgotten and unsolved. And the problems also continue to increase; this is a secret they can’t realize. And in all this, boys are left with diseases like lung-cancer and many other health complications.
For girls who are just rotting their original skins with chemicals they are wrong, men appreciate girls for what they really are, not because of their skin colors. Over time, some blacks believed that looking "white" was more attractive than their natural skin color. But that was all with understanding of colonialism and whites’ superiority.

Anyway, people are confused in this world of today which has no proper parents to stop children from doing bad things. Nowadays, you find an old mother of over fifty applying cream together with her thirteen year old daughter. What does an old mother do with beauty if that is the case? You find people of different age and responsibility having equal childish interest. So here our girls lack mothers at home to give special advice because the mother wants the same thing as the daughter. If the father of the house tells his wife to stop young girls from applying cream, the wife would reply; “these girls are not applying cream in my face.” Imagine!

The situation is the same for the young drunkards whose father drinks. You cannot find a father who drinks advising his son to stop drinking. He will fear talking to his son though he knows very well that both of them are going wrong. Because of these situations our youths whether being girls or boys are in difficult conditions and temptations. They can never find correct teachers at home to follow as their role models. And that is why youths drink as they like and bleach as they desire. As many people can say that bleaching is dangerous for health I think it is the same to say that drinking which is mostly practice by boys is also dangerous for health.

In many states in South Sudan as the number of shops selling creams increase, the number of bars increase as well. If you come in our streets the number of ladies having bleached faces are more as the boys walking in zigzag directions fearing no traffic on public roads, who at the same time speak with their twisted tongues with alcohol smell. Of course the more girls bleach, the more boys drink. Why all this competition on two bad habits?

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