Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The bell of independence rings at our doorpost!

At everyone’s doorpost rings a bell of independence asking each and every one of us to be ready to receive the new baby which shall be soon delivered on July 9th. It was the same bell which was rung on 16 May 1983 and our people responded to it with high spirit and struggle during the war. The same bell was rung when we voted for our motherland and we chose the independence of our nation. Great nations are always founded in the aftermath of blood recession, corpses dry up, bones decompose and equivocal equation solves justly and fairly. In South Sudan one does not really imagine the number of people who died in the war and went uncounted, though sometimes the UN estimates that 2.5 million were killed during the two civil wars in the country. So the independence which is at our doorposts is the price for the lives our brothers and sisters who paid their own blood for the liberation of this country. The loss of 2.5 million lives was sorrow during the war but it will be great happiness on July 9. So it is a great pleasure.

At this time one is in high spirits to find himself being among the survivors of war. One is happy to find himself to witness the people of South Sudan celebrating for freedom on July 9. So in this case it is our real responsibility to complete the vision our departed martyrs. We must make sure that the love of our nation should come first beyond everything. Therefore, we must delete the spirit of tribalism which is scrolling in every person’s brain.

I never like at all when I see that our roads are not constructed, our children having inadequate classrooms and our university students sitting idly at homes without attending their learning. But with our independence we think that our problems shall be overcome one day. We are quite sure that the spirit of no development must change with the coming of South Sudan as an independent state in the world. We would rather need to increase our speed for development and slow down for tribal politics or politics of hatred.

We need to restart our spirit for patriotism as independence approaches because this needs special joint efforts in order to overcome challenges that are ahead of us. That is to say the love of our country should come before the love of our ethnic groups. It is well-known that each of us comes from a certain ethnic community in the South but that cannot be the reason of our conflicts or failures that occur occasionally in our entire region of South Sudan. We cannot blame God for creating us in different communities with different cultures and languages. We must thank God for creating South Sudan rich of so many cultures and languages and for this reason we must be an important and a strong state in Africa and the world.

As days of our independence grow near we would suppose try to search for true unity and love in reality. We should learn that we all belong to each other if we want to build this nation in good spirit and without growing conflicts in it. Whatever language we speak it make no difference, we remain one people in one country of South Sudan which our forefathers fought for and indeed they became heroes and martyrs as we all witnessed.

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