Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Monday, 1 November 2010

Unity of Sudan: With Bullets or Ballots?

Dear readers, it is very difficult to live in this country and understand any term used at a certain period of time. The fact that I am a witness of war has made me not quite sure of the difference between the two terms being used in my country, the bullets and the ballots. A politician of my town in South Sudan spoke to us during our prayers for a peaceful referendum and said to the crowd that the unity of Sudan is to be confirmed by southerners in ballot boxes in a peaceful, fair, free and transparent referendum. In the following morning I read in a newspaper that Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) which is the pro- NCP and pro- unity army are unconstitutionally edging towards the North-South border. Most of the southerners who were besides me while reading the paper talked out with fear of another war, if that can not be seen with two eyes. However, my question was why war? One young man told me that the Arabs Government in Khartoum would not like southerners vote peacefully because they know that the south would go. For me, I am confused, whether we need bullets or ballots to confirm the unity of our country. We better rule out what is important before any process. I think we have tried all kind of wars in this nation. To me I think to confirm unity of Sudan by ballots is much better than confirming it by bullets.

The shallow minded Arabs in the dusty Islamic city of Khartoum need to know that we, southerners have shown them in our last two decades of struggle how much we can fight. They need to know that the six years period of CPA was for them to make unity attractive but not for building up army along the north-south border. The failed extreme Islamists must learn that they can not at this time take us back again to slavery. It is just difficult like trying to see your own back without a mirror. To unite this country again is unfortunate and everybody must be convinced with this fact. I want to tell the unionists that they have completely and terribly failed in applying wrong tactics to achieve their bad intentions. Shouting over media microphones for unity can not and will never attract Southerners to vote for a fake unity. It is just the same to say that bringing SAF or the Mejahdeen to border to wait for war is just a fail plan and it has no success and a waste of the national resources.

Our votes are for freedom. We are just walking out of Khartoum for a final freedom. Khartoum with its fake elites can learn that any amount of threats can not make us surrender. Our guests and children of our sisters can not make us suffer under their hands for life. It is enough, more than enough our blood has filled seas and our bones have made hills of heaps. We are going to make our own black country which is truly African. We are tired of being mixed with the artificial Arabs of Khartoum who claim Arabism when the rest of the Arab nations do not truly agree with them because they are not Arabs. I am sure they will be very soon chased out of the Arab league membership because they shall have no oil wealth to bribe the Arab world community to maintain their membership. They need to know that being Muslims doesn’t mean being Arabs. If I am Christian I can not deny my African ethnicity and claim the whites’ (kawaja) one. This is a simple example for that matter. This is how failure starts. How can a man from nowhere claim to rule my nation for ages?

Well, to make this clear, it is to say that we, southerners can not unite this country again. We shall remain in two countries because Arab Muslims in Khartoum want to rule the country with a constitution full of Quran verses when all of us are not Muslims. They annexed our country to Arab world when the majority of us are Africans. They force us to speak their Arabic language when we have our own languages that can let us understand ourselves. They force us to learn Arabic and they refuse to learn ours. We are completely parallels and we can not meet so we can not stay in one country. Whether the unity of this country is to be confirmed by bullets or ballots southern Sudan must go.