Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010

Who Will Protect Our South Sudanese University Students in the North?

As we countdown for the expiration of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA), we people in South Sudan are really very worry of our brothers and sisters who are living in northern Sudan. Our people during the last couples of years of peace in Sudan have experienced some little freedom. And indeed our southern students have been part of this freedom. Now that the CPA is expiring and the people of South Sudan need their independent state. Who will protect our students in universities in northern Sudan, now and during the time of referendum and may be later? I have taken my big concern for the students because they are there for studies. They have not chosen to stay there. Their university calendars have made them to stay in the north inevitably unless they lose their studies? We know that students are the most vulnerable group in the north because they are also part of Southern struggle. They talked on their political rallies mostly about south Sudan problems. And the enemies of peace and freedom have already known them. We need to protect them because they are our future leaders. They are the nation we want to build up in the coming days. Our students are the generation we have been all this time trying to pave a possible way forward. They are our light to a complete and total freedom. We have realized so far in the south that education is significant for our development and it was part of the objectives which we fought the civil wars. And that is why the communities of south Sudan have sent their children for education. The southern university students in Khartoum were the Jiesh Amer (red soldiers) who fought the war of the last two decades. They are very important for us in Southern Sudan and in our history. We love them and we want them to be free and stay among us. My questions should be to the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS). Have you provided our students a possible security to stay in Northern Sudan without any fear? Are they to flee to south Sudan and leave behind their academic activities behind in those various universities in Khartoum? Shall they be allowed to express their rights openly in Khartoum without interference by the National Islamic Front (NIF) security agents? How much is their freedom? I doubt. Living in Khartoum is just like living in the cell. Life in Khartoum has been full of torturing even in the early days of a united Sudan. I have understood that any southerner is an enemy to Khartoum as soon as he decides to support separation. But is it true that one supports unity just because they are being intimidated? The Government in Juba should see to it that security is important in the South as well as in Khartoum because of our people who are living there. It will be very bad if we announce our independent state and feel fear of any evil deeds await to be imposed on our future leaders who are pursuing their education in northern Sudan universities. This can be taken as a government responsibility. We know that freedom has never been in Khartoum since the coming of Arabs to Sudan but it is highly needed now. Northerners this time think that the choice of separation for the people of southern Sudan is a violation of the CPA but the fact remains that they are just so ignorant. They think that a southerner who supports separation and lives in Khartoum can just be tortured. They are brought up not to consider other people’s rights. I just don’t understand why southern Universities like Juba, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile Universities are still in Khartoum? Are there no plots giving for these universities to build their premises on in South Sudan? Maintaining these universities in the north is not in the place. And actually, it is part of marginalization which northern Sudan has been applying on the South. They don’t want to bring those universities here because they don’t like us to benefit from the development that we may get from them. They are educating their children in our universities and so they are using them for their children’s benefit. Is it true that Juba, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal universities are in Khartoum because of lack of scientific laboratories in the south? Why not to buy and bring those laboratories apparatus to the south? Should it be true that lack of buildings is the concrete reason which has made our universities to remain in the north? We have more resources in the south and manpower is available to build any premises of any kind. There can be other reasons behind this fact. Why is it difficult for Khartoum to do something good for the people of southern Sudan yet the expect unity? This is why we say the Arab Islamic Republic of the Sudan is a failed state. This is why we say the successive regimes in Khartoum have always being making Racial Governments not National Governments.

Now our request is to the President of South Sudan H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit to add in his long list of Sudan’s problems the protection of our students in northern Sudan universities. These students are our next commanders in the frontlines if Jalaba tries to play around with our rights of self-determination. They are our next AnyaNya III which will with no doubt fight in Khartoum. Mr. President our SPLA II or AnyaNya III will be to protect our independent state of South Sudan. Yes Mr. President you know very well that Arabs are the only enemies of our freedom in Sudan and this is why you joined war when you where a child of 17. The coming war which is pledged by the NCP will not be fought again by the current political figures in south Sudan. It will be fought by us the youth and the students of this time. In south Sudan every generation has its own war to fight against Jalaba. The war of South Sudan Independence is our war we the generation of CPA. And we are sure to win it. We only want protection before the enemies trigger their pistols, Mr. President. It is very important to tell Arabs not to turn up with their wrong deeds against southerners because they are the voters. If they kill them then there will be no enough voters for both unity and separation. Anyway for northerners they just want to finish up all southern voters of an independent state.

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