Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010


The ruin of the nation begins in the homes of its people. Our grand, grand parents who welcomed Arabs had made a big problem to us. Since the independence of our country, it has been very difficult with the Khartoum successive regimes to define the country as African. With no doubt, Sudan falls in the continent of Africa. The world knows it as well as the location can tell. If Arabs in Khartoum deny this obvious fact then they better go back to where they came from. The Arabs in the Sudan have actually possessed wrong understanding about the Sudanese Africans since time immemorial. They thought that they have deceived us and would continue to deceive us until the next coming of Christ. They have convinced us to stay on our land in the 1st place, and because of our hospitality, we let them stay peacefully. After a short while the poor Arabs who had no land and women to marry climbed up a ladder of cheating since independence, playing wrong games on us as if we are not their uncles. We shall curse them of course! Well, they have tried it out. Sudan nowadays is an Arab country. Whether black Sudanese want it or not Sudan is known in its modern history as Arab and a Muslim country. What shall we do? Why is Sudanese leadership in Khartoum so much engaged in religion and racism? Don’t they know that they are living on the land which does not belong to them? I have never found or heard a government which talks of unity and divides its people to races and religions. Where will the people unite if they are already divided? I have never found a government which takes side with one tribe. Khartoum leadership should learn that the Arabs in the Sudan are just a tribe like any other tribe in the country. How can the whole nation like Sudan which is a composition of many ethnic groups be called only for one tribe? People are joking in Khartoum and they are not serious, otherwise. Is this because Arabs have led the country since independence? Well, let’s say that Sudan remains united. And assume that the next general elections of 2014 show the results that Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit is the President of the Republic of the United Sudan. Remember that Mr. Mayardit is a Christian by faith and his ethnicity is Dinka of South Sudan. Will Sudan be a Christian and Dinka country as per the President’s tribe and religion? Dear reader apply the same to Dr. Lam Akol who is a Shilluk by tribe and a Christian by faith will the Sudan be a Christian and Shilluk country in his reign? And then to Abdel-Wahid Al Nur, who is a Muslim from Fur tribe. Will Sudan be a Muslim and Fur country? Just to mention few. Why do Arabs tribesmen in the Sudan claim the country to be for them alone minus others? What about the rest of the tribes? The Arabs in the Sudan have made the chance of unity very narrow for African Sudanese. The Islamic and Arab government in Khartoum which is governed by the holy Quran claims that for a candidate to qualify to be a President of Sudan then he must be: a man, a Muslim, an Arab, a member of jihad warriors and so on. This is very difficult for African communities. We can be Muslims, because it’s just a matter of changing one’s faith, but how can an African man become an Arab? Who on earth can create us again to be Arabs when our God has created us Africans? These are the impossibilities that Arabs minority in Khartoum tries to impose on us in our own country. So dear readers the problem of our country is not with African communities in the Sudan who are always forced to take arms to claim back their history and rights. The problem is with Arabs of the Sudan. They like our country and they don’t want us the black Africans in the country. How will that happen? They think that they will kill us all and remain with an empty African land of Sudan. No, these guys are playing with God. We shall not finish because we did not come to this world alone. It is God who brought us here.

People in western Darfur region are all Muslims and I have never heard a president coming from that region instead they are being killed. A great population in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile are Muslims yet Khartoum has never dreamt of bringing a black muslim President from those areas leave alone the few Muslims of Southern Sudan who will die without visiting even the national Palace where the President lives.

So because of the above mentioned problems we in the south have found it difficult to go along with Khartoum but it is much better to make our own state, separated from Islamic Shariah law and without racism, segregation and discrimination and it is really possible. Any country in the world is governed by laws which are documented in a book call constitution but it is different in our country. Sudan is governed by a constitution which composes only verses from the Holy Quran and non from the Holy Bible just forget the traditional African religions. It is the national constitution that could protect our rights alongside with our Muslims and Arabs fellow compatriots not agreements or commissions which are always achieved with a lot of struggles or bloodshed. I am confused why these Arabs of Khartoum still claim their failed unity. Well, if they want unity let the north leave us to go first and then they should conduct their own referendum six years later whether to join the south or not to join. To leave the Shariah law or not to leave. To be Africans or not to be. Yes until that time we are sure to make a wonderful country in Africa, not now because we can not be all Muslims and Arabs at the same time, it is difficult. So we better split the country. No for Unity, Yes for Separation.

Up to here dear readers we meet again in the next piece but remember Abyei referendum commission is not yet out, the date for voters’ registration is not agreed and the NCP claims Messierysa to vote in the Abyei referendum. What is your reaction?

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