Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010


It is well known that if a house catches fire, one tries to stop the burning fire with water. That sometimes can help your burning house to halt from the proceeding fire. Water does not support burning that is the truth behind. However, though paraffin is just a true liquid like water, it can’t be substituted in the work that water does. If you pour paraffin on a burning house then your home is totally going to get burnt, because the paraffin will even increase the speed of burning. The statement of the so-called information minister acts like paraffin on fire generating the southern Sudanese separation to reality. The minister was criticizing the lives of southerners living in Khartoum if the coming referendum results favor separation. “They will not enjoy citizenship rights, jobs or benefits, they will not be allowed to buy or sell in Khartoum markets and they will not be treated in hospitals,” Obeid said in statements carried by public radio.” We will not even give them a needle in the hospital," he added. That is the minister’s statements as reported by Sudan tribune website.

Well, from the above statements it is clear that the speaker is a member of Sudan’s National Conflicts Party, the (NCP), no doubt. That is why he is just concerned in making conflicting statements in the country. The question remains; is H.E. Kamal Obeid, the Minister of Information a separatist or unionist? His statement encourages southerners to choose separation as an only option. His statement has violated the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) because the Naivasha agreement says that unity is to be attractive especially to the southerners or they may choose separation. I want to tell my countrymen/women that Minister Kamal’s statement is not attractive to those who will go to vote during the referendum may be it is attractive only to his fellow northerners but unfortunately they will have no rights to vote. In the CPA we have all learnt that the unity of our country should be voluntary. It should not come by force or intimidations like what the minister is trying to impose just on people 90 days ahead of referendum. Mr. Minister to me is a separatist that is why he does not bother to convince southerners with good words to make them vote for unity. He is actually tired of the United Sudan just like me and my other southerners. So I would like to appreciate him for helping us in our campaign on Yes for Separation. Otherwise, H. E. Kamal Obeid has shown us his empty political basket. He is not a politician because his statement has reduced him to racial level. He is just a racist. I just wonder how did he manage to get that big political and a constitutional position in a big country like Sudan. I wonder also why the NCP unionists refused to react against their northern separatist! This shows that NCP or northerners have bad intentions for unity of our country.

Southerners should not get scared by Kamal’s statement. This man has not read the book of Comprehensive peace Agreement, the CPA. May be he was just given that position because he is a warrior among the mujahedeen during the war of jihad (Muslims holy war against alkufaar). The minister was trying to cram the book but could not, that book needs only good understanding and reasoning. The graduate of Khalwa must know that he has poor, little and shallow knowledge to allow him to hold a big national position. He could not understand the CPA which was formulated by a Wiseman Dr. John Garang. Anyway I don’t actually know how to go about with these Islamic Khalwas’ graduates of Khartoum who don’t speak to public with good responsibility that represents everyone in the country. The minister was saying that they will not allow southerners to sell in the markets of Khartoum. Why does the minister say that they will not treat or give needles to southerners in Khartoum as if we don’t buy with our own money? By the way to whom does this Khartoum belong? Let you know Mr. Minister that we are leaving Khartoum not because it is not ours or that we have feared Arabs. We in the south believe that we have hosted you on our land in Sudan for quite a long time if we chase you to go back to where you came from then we have violated your rights of movement and choosing to live any where on earth, that is according to the universal declaration of human rights of 1948, I guess, His Excellency, the minister might have not come across that. And if we were to violate then it is the Arabs of the Sudan to be threatened to go not the indigenous southerners. But we believe that we don’t have a problem with the social northern Sudan, our problem is with the political northern Sudan and this is why we want to split the political administration in the country. So any shallow minded minister in Northern Sudan must understand the situation. It is not a matter of taking your microphone to speak out your wrong ideas to any public media for confusion. It should be known by every body that CPA will not finish as soon as the referendum results are out as suggested by that wrong minister in the wrong position suggesting his wrong statements. I don’t know why the minister refused to read his CPA notes but I am sure that the book of CPA was summarized and translated into Arabic just to let Mr. Minister understand what the agreement says because the minister and his colleagues could not know English anyway that is an obvious fact. As for your information, the exercise of referendum will be held on date 9th of January 2011 and shall continue for seven days. Then the results shall be announced in February. If the results show separation of South Sudan then Sudan will be in the transitional interim period until date 8th of July 2011 and on 9th July the following morning, southern Sudanese shall announce their independent state and the transitional interim period is the same though southerners choose the united Sudan. So Mr. Minister the CPA shall expired long after the referendum. That is a number of months now from the announcement of the voting results. Where here does Mr. Obeid get chances of mistreating southerners in Khartoum when we shall be still together until mid of 2011. Mr. Minister you can not confuse us we are southerners of 2011. If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation. To my fellow southerners who are going to vote for unity, it is your right to make your own choice but your black skin and the fact that you are southerners have betrayed you. The minister of Information in the Government of National Unity (GoNU) and a member of the ruling National Conflicts Party (NCP), Mr. Kamal Obeid has criticized all the southerners irrespective of their political parties or tribes. According to his statements he has given no special consideration to southerners who are now campaigning for unity. The minister has not even given some sympathy to his fellow southern members of NCP. He has underlined all of us as southerners to face any bad act that Khartoum will apply on us. Khartoum is using you guys as tools otherwise all of us fall under one umbrella. Why don’t we unite, come together and vote for a free state of no revenge like the one in Khartoum. It will be bad later on when northerners refuse and chase you out of Khartoum in humiliations.


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