Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010

Beshir Should Apologize For Blood Shed in the South Before Referendum.

As the country is heading to referendum, Southern Sudanese would really want the government in Khartoum to apologize for the past blood shed in the south. As the history of Sudan shall still maintain and hold the South and Northern Sudan together. There will be more need for the two sisterly countries to stay together with some relationships between them. The enmity which is now cultivated in people’s hearts may need to be deleted in order to allow peace to settle once again. However, we are sure and willing to make south Sudan the newest country in the world’s history. Though the south shall still need the north for other things that may benefit her it will also be the same for the north. The mutual interests of the two countries need to be dug out and stored there alive on the border lines. The coming referendum and its results for separation is not the final as many northerners may suggest. Splitting the country is another way of solving Sudan’s chronic problems so people can not take things with wrong and blind beliefs hidden from within.

During the two civil wars which occurred in southern Sudan a lot of blood shed was poured during the process. There was a total mobilization by Khartoum to make sure that the black Africans in the south and anywhere in Sudan were to be completely cleansed out of the world’s face. It was anyway somewhat difficult for Khartoum to achieve that attempt but it was actually a plan nobody can deny it. The jihad (Muslim holy war) under the National Islamic Front (NIF) was tough in this action. NIF ladies and gentlemen is the current National Corruption Party (NCP) of the day in Khartoum. They mobilized us from the south and in Darfur to fight against our own brothers, burning our own villages doing wonderful things and destructions against and on our own motherland, the South Sudan. Raping and abduction were normal actions on hourly bases. You would find that children of one mother could kill themselves during the frontlines of the two warring sides and nobody cared. Indeed it was the same mother who gave birth to her children that could weep for the money deceased and the land deceased two sons. It was the army of money-interest against the army of motherland-interest, the SPLA. It was war of Al mejahdeen against alkufaar (pagans), a war of Muslims against Christians. It was war of Arabs against Africans. Let us not forget the past event; it is part of today and tomorrow altogether. The hands which Beshir of the National Corruption party (NCP) uses to greet our President Salva Kiir Mayardit are full of our blood; the blood of all black Africans who died during the struggle since the time of independence including our prophet and hero of peace Dr. John Garang. Beshir was the best killer of our men during his jihad. He was the best mobilizer for religious war; he is also the best corruptist and separatist of today. His action can tell.

This war will never be forgotten; even splitting the country would not subtract any. So remember it until the referendum ballot box and declare your final decision for the self-determination of south Sudan. Khartoum had planted wrong tree in people’s hearts and is now trying to water it by making the referendum difficult. If this tree of hatred grows any bigger then Sudan shall never experience peace again.

What is wrong with it? CPA must expire with referendum! We are at the last page of this book.

Now, we only want one thing from Khartoum. It is not unity dear readers, because we are tired of unity being imposed on us, we can’t bear it again. What we need from Khartoum is not separation because we are not begging it from them at all. It is our right which we shall exercise without any man’s interruption if not we shall erupt and burst forever. We just and only want apology from Khartoum for the blood shed in the region because until now we have known that there are no Arabs in the Sudan so why was the war called, a war between Arabs and Blacks? Why did Khartoum mobilize Arab world countries to be always hunting us with antonov above in the skies? It is not religious war also because there would be no reasons of why Khartoum is currently killing their fellow Muslim brothers in Darfur? So it was just a war of resources which are of our own. It was a war of the land which we now call motherland. It was a war of hypocrites against righteous ones. It was a war of the centre against the marginalized ones. We want apology before Independence Day from Khartoum.

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