Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 19 November 2010

It is Just Time for Evaluation

Many politicians of northern Sudan complain of no freedom to campaign for unity in southern Sudan. They say that they want to come and campaign to make unity attractive. They complain that the citizens are intimidated by the presence of the SPLM led government in the south. I want to tell them that south Sudan is a nation composed of citizens. We shall go to vote for an independent country as citizens not as SPLM members. There are over twenty political parties in the south. Why do northerners confuse the world with their small, narrow and one-sided minds that never tell truth?

They think that to campaign for unity in the south would make our population vote for a united Sudan. However, doubts are there. It seems that the citizens of South Sudan are fed up of making this country one again. Their aim is to set themselves free.

Northern Sudanese have really failed. Shame on them! Their ignorance towards the south has led to the division of the African largest nation. They don’t know how to make Sudan remains one country. Making unity attractive is not to campaign for it. But it is to make equal development. The coming referendum is about choosing one’s future. We can not unite Sudan with an old style. Northerners have been our lecturers for so long. They lectured for disarmament and all that we saw was an army called Mujahedeen. They lectured for peace and human rights and all that we saw was a massive killing in the south. They lectured for freedom but it was slavery. They talked of development but it was the destructions of our poor infrastructures which followed their words. They lectured of equality but we remain as their second citizens in our own black nation. They talked of Sudanese rich cultural diversities but all that we saw was Islamization and Arabization. They call us kufaar (pagans) but we believe in God better than they do because we love and respect all mankind. They act as if God has entrusted them to conduct the promised day of Judgments for southerners. They say that all religions are equal but their religion has marginalized all of us in the country we love. Who among all these politicians of northern Sudan has courage to stand and campaign in front of southerners when they have failed to make unity attractive in all that they do? They promised to implement the Comprehensive peace Agreement but it was the violation that we all saw. The president of the country promised to work hands in hands with Dr. John Garang in Nairobi but all that happened was to kill our dear hero of peace. We thought that they would mourn with us together but they were smiling. The Khartoum Islamic politicians promised the world to make democratic transformation in the country’s government but all that we saw were the harassments and torturing of our freedom fighters Yasir Arman and Pagan Amum in Khartoum in 2009 by the NIF security agents.

This time is for evaluation it is not for campaigning. What do we campaign for? They talk of unity but they are seriously working day and night to divide southerners into parties and tribes. They fear to come and talk to southern citizens because their deeds are so bad and bring us bad memories. Yet they blame it on us. It is up to the north to preach for war or to work for future relationships between the two neighbouring countries. Their words are just signs of losing hope and a cry for our going resources. Anyway, the dog barks and the camel goes. What care we!

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