Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good Enough I know My Candidate for 2011 Referendum

In every voting exercise there exists something or somebody that a voter can choose when casting his/her vote. As in the case of the last April elections in Sudan most of the people had candidates that they wanted to vote for and win the elections. That was good because at least every candidate had tried very hard to make his/her campaigns for success. The questions now remain: who are the candidates for 2011 referendum? And if there are any people at all, then who shall I vote for? As a matter of telling the truth, the candidate for the coming referendum that will be exercised by the southern Sudanese citizens is not a person neither is it a political party, it is the mother land. Each and every person in the south being a politician or not will test his/her loyalty and nationalism to vote for the mother land of south Sudan. The black soil is our candidate ladies and gentlemen. The next rivalry candidate will be the Sudan of Arab world, Sudan of shar'ia law, Sudan of human rights violation and Africans cleansing. So it is up to a southerner to vote for his/her grave, slavery, second citizens, inferiority or else vote for a complete human freedom. We southerners at the same time shall be the ones to pronounce out with our own lips the current unity of Sudan which we completely do not want. If not we make two Sudans for our goodness and freedom. Whether Khartoum works for unity projects or not, it doesn't matter we still can make it.

I shall not leave my motherland, the south Sudan which belongs to me and vote for Sudan for all. There is more freedom in what is mine than in the greater Sudan which belongs to all including the mondukuro in Khartoum. We shall not trust any person again in the coming season and we shall not commit any mistake again. As we know that everything has its own beginning we can not forget that there is also an end for it. The problem of northern Sudan must finish in January 2011or we shall be slaves forever. We can not be cheated this time again with fake unity of resources. Khartoum palace must know that on the map of south Sudan are human beings not resources as they think. The palace in Khartoum sees our beautiful land of South Sudan as oil wells and a place where gold and any other important resources can be extracted. We have to prove it wrong that people are even there. And to do so we vote for separation, an independent state. Our people in the south must understand that if we bring all the northerners to the south living it to them with all that rich resources, and we move to their poor Sahara region which does not support life, as a matter of exchanging regions, I am sure Khartoum will announce separation without any delay. Khartoum aims for unity just because of resources. These people are very jealousy and selfish. They like everything for themselves and for sure they must remain in that Sahara region minus South Sudan. We are tired of them.

Good enough we know who is our candidate for 2011 referendum. Our candidate remains the mother land, we shall vote for separation to give her a landslide win. It is enough to remain as neighbours with mondukorus not as citizens in one country. How can we stay with the people who refuse the history? They have taken enough from us. Since their arrival we gave them our daughters and they gave us none until now.

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