Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 28 May 2010

Love on sale leads to Youth failure in their Future Families

By Ariik Dut Atekdit.

Love is ever there since the beginning of the world.It is well-known of its own meaning and practices from genration to generation. From Place to place. And as well as from enthic group to another. When one talks about love without more details people may fail to understand whether it is a religious love that's always refers to a love of God and your fellow mankinds around you.It may not be known whether it is a family love between the children and their parents and children among themselves or love of a thing which one admires, it can be a love of a place or time and so on. For instance, other people love times of enjoyment in particular places with a certain person or a group of individuals, this can also be termed as love. Another is the romantic love. This is a love btween people of different sex. It always searches for sexual relationship and marriages. However love remains as love wherever one goes.I am not an expert to express more about love but want to make my readers understand my topic.

Now in our generation love is destorted.And the romantic love is fading out.And it is replaced by a wrong one.If good care is not taken it will soon be out. New families can not be well-built when young girls fail several times to abide by or trust their boyfriends.This kind of love is creeping on commercial affairs.Love with money! It does not base on the natural feeling of the two partners any longer. The welcoming of modern culture has affected the normal way love use to be. Young girls this time only put in their minds that boyfriends who meet their financial requests are more likely to be dated because the can make good husbands at homes later. Which alone is a disaster! One may wonder and ask what is the problem? How shall we go in such a mess! where a man maybe in a better relationship with his girlfriend for only short time before she could be stolen by another young man who is well- financed! Love on sale is useless and it shall not benefit both the boy who pays to be loved, and the girl who is paid for. It shall not lead us to success.

Love has its own place in the heart. Everyone knows what is love and how it reacts in our own feelings. It is there and you need not to be paid or to pay for it. Everyone has his/her own husband or wife created for him/her by God. So don't try to make problems or confused the world for greed of love. Other people say that all beautiful girls should be married only by them, just because they have their enough wealth. Which is wrong, give chance to others such that they too enjoy life of beauty on earth. I am sure many families have collapsed because of choosing wrongly. How do you think that somebody who does not love you shall come to do things the way you want. What do you think shall happen if your financial position becomes weak when she is at home with you? She will start to blame your failure for not meeting her financial request.While a wife of real love sees this as normal. And that will be a day of your shame both of you who cheated yourselves, with your empty love.

Love is not technology to pay for its course and think that it will benefit you. Another problem is lack of trust. Other partners cheat themselves that they will marry and later fail. Girls are just fighting with time. If a boy promise her for marriage and that a boy delays because he is doing his studies or making other businesses that will benefit their future family, then shortly the girl will complain that the boy is not serious and decide to get married to a wrong man who is not her husband but just ready to get married this time. The matter here is not time but it should be who you want to marry and why? when you define this questions whether a boy or girl one can say that success shall follow such love.

Some young girls are married to their husbands because of their families financial background. By doing so they are missing their beloved and right husbands behind and the same is for boys.

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