Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Friday, 14 December 2012

Upper Nile state trains 30 establishment officers to control corruption

The state ministry of Labour and Public Service in Upper Nile conducts three-day workshop for 30 establishment officers in various government institutions.
The workshop begins from 22nd – 24th Oct under the theme:  “building honest and effective public service.”
The training was opened by Governor Simon Kun Puoch this morning.
The training was organized to prepare the participants for better layout of pay sheets, recruitment of new employees and how to organize files for workers.
The establishment officers will also keep an eye on how promotion system is done in the state.
Simon Kun told the participants to organize the system of files keeping and better salaries presentation to the government employees.
Kun said if there is an improved system corruption can be easily controlled. He told the officers to curb the complained of losing files in the state
The minister for Labour and public service, Aban Makol, said the officers will look into payrolls to discover cheating names in various government departments in the state.
Aban told the participants to give accurate information and public service regulations to their ministers so that they cannot recruit new employees without vacancies.

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