Attending my duty

Attending my duty

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Thank U my dear !!!!!

Sometimes we get caught up in life that we forget to thank those who make it worth living.
If I could list the names of those who have blessed my life, there would not be enough room to do so though I know that my mom would take the top of the list. I can’t forget that somebody like you is placed among the first five of the long list of those have supported and made my life what it is today.
In silent ways and in great waves, thank for your inspiration, your love, your jokes, your advice, your kindness, your wisdom and your smiles. Those are not the few good things I can remember about, the list of good things about you is quite gigantic and outsized but my simple and small brain cannot remember all those good things altogether but I hope together you can picture this feeling with me now. In simple gestures you remind me of how blessed I am to occupy this 'space,' at this time and with you.
You give me hope and rejuvenate my excitements at times. You guarantee me that life is more than I sometime believe it to be. Or that I am way off my head. I am not receiving a great reward to elevate the significance of this moment. However, this is in thanks to the gift and the reward. That is, the life that you have given me by contributing to the fabric of my thinking and living.
The 'platform I stand on,' 'the stage' that supports my ideas of others and of self hopefully, reflects the knowledge and the wisdom gained from you. As we grow and outgrow ourselves, as we get old and frail, and if life takes us on different corridors, the corridor that we have travelled have light the strip still ahead.
And in my worst moment and small triumphs I will seek the table of memory' and dust off the old moment to refresh and renew my life myself. So to you all I say thank you.
Especially to my family and my friends and the occasional stranger that smile on a bad day and finally to you.

Be blessed.

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